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Hello and welcome to my Robotech blog. It might not look like much now, but just wait 'til the evening, or maybe tomorrow, when I'll make it all pretty.

Hey, did anyone notice that Darkwater's Shadow Chronicles News is down? Geez, I really need to get out and pay attention more. Ugh. Will someone warn me when things like that happen? I actually had to go into the DC website and find the link to the Shadow Chronicles #1 preview (always frustrating -- the DC website is too glitzy and cluttered to my eyes) for the post below. Bye bye, handy link.

Speaking of which, it's a few months out of date, but I think I'm going to jot down my page-by-page comparison and breakdown of the preview alongside the end of the Sentinels comics before the week is done ... unless someone's already done it before me. And I mean, with illustrations and such. Hey, I'll have to do it when I start working on the Robotech comics site again, best to get it out of the way, y'know?


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