DAY THIRTY-NINE: Robotech Invaders illustration by John Waltrip

Posted September 14, 2010

Commissioned by Emissaries: A Robotech Fanzine founder/former publisher Evan Cass for a series of articles presenting the completed scripts for Jason & John Waltrip's unfinished ROBOTECH INVADERS mini-series. Originally published in Emissaries: A Robotech Fanzine Vol. 1 #7, Summer 2003.

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  • So, um, what the heck was "Invaders" about? Google just turns up a few vague pages.

    By Blogger A.J. Wells, at 14 September, 2010 23:30  

  • Unfinished is probably the wrong word; the Waltrips got two scripts in the can, started on a third, and had a synopsis broken down for a fourth when Eternity lost the Robotech license and they wound up doing the Worlds of Robotech one-shots at Academy instead. This was going to be another full color series in the Legend of Zor mold, and cover the Invid's conquest of the Local Group and events going on back on Tirol at that time, including the birth of Rem, and would have ended right where Sentinels began, with the Invid attack on Tirol.

    By Blogger Captain JLS, at 15 September, 2010 19:07  

  • A whole string of updates to the Roboblog all at once is a good way to bounce back to action, but I have to admit coming up with a whole bunch of comments at once (and on some significant parts of the story, and after being delayed by working a twelve-hour shift without online access) seems a little intimidating for me. In any case, for some reason this illustration intrigues me more now than it did on first glance, and the reason for that is the "male version of the Regis"... I can imagine "the Regent in 'pre-devolved' days." It's sort of the opposite to a question I've wondered about before, about what "a female version of the Regent" might look like, but interesting in itself. (And that's with reminding myself about how, back at the beginning, the Regis's appearance was changing throughout The New Generation...)

    By Blogger Keith Palmer, at 16 September, 2010 06:48  

  • Thanks.

    Hm, well, honestly, even after all this time and all this understanding that the Robotech novels and comics aren't very good, I'm still drawn to them, and would certainly have liked to have seen this story told. it's too bad these scans have been lost to the intratubes.

    By Blogger A.J. Wells, at 16 September, 2010 13:13  

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