What do you MEAN there's news? woke up and pointed out the full box set coming in November. Preorders are open, and right now it's just shy of a hundred bucks. But hey, it's two bucks cheaper right now at Right Stuf! Me, though, I'll probably preorder it through, because y'know, they're such swell guys there.

I'm sorry, did that sound like I was sucking up? Really? Hrm.

This does make me wonder who in their right mind would go ahead and buy the individual sets through when the big box is right there next to them. I guess if someone REALLY, REALLY hates one of the generations, or just HAS to have that Robotech fix right now ...


  • The big ole box set looks really bad as....

    Shadow Chronicles News went down very recently, as it was up just two days ago...

    And if that is Rick Hunter, I have no problem... he looks all cool and dramatic... *laughs and shrugs*

    By Anonymous Tolarin Skylar, at 20 September, 2005 14:43  

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