Roboblog Chronicles delay. | Toynami @ AX coverage

I just remembered that the AC adapter and Firewire cord for my camera are in my suitcase, which U.S. Airways failed to send along to United for my final connecting flight back to Kansas City. I could record the intro and commentary -- the camera itself is in my laptop bag -- but I still wouldn't be able to get it into the computer. The suitcase is supposed to be coming along via FedEx, but are they really going to drop my suitcase off on my porch on the Fourth of July? It would certainly be a shock. We'll see.


(Even worse -- my cell phone charger was in there. No juice 'til the bag turns up. Ugh.)

Anyway ...

Reader and contributor Scott Rubin points me to his coverage of the Toynami booth at Anime Expo. I got some footage of the Voltron and ROBOTECH displays myself, which you'll be able to see when/if my luggage arrives (or I track down another Firewire cord), but for more static and less potentially nausea-inducing images (trust me, I'm a terrible cameraman), clicky-click here. Some slightly interesting developments in there. (The big one I noticed

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  • can't wait for the new MPCs

    By Blogger Treiz, at 03 July, 2007 22:35  

  • I am always afraid to check my luggage, but I just thought I was paranoid. I guess there is a good reason for me only take carry on bags. I really hope you get your bag tomorrow. They might do it on the 4th. It was their fault, and with the airline industry making so many mistakes these days, I would think they would do whatever they can (within reason) to keep customers happy.

    By Blogger Admiral DMC McKeever, at 03 July, 2007 23:01  

  • Captain JLS-

    I saw you were pretty down on your twitter entry. Hey, we all go through rough spots, but things'll get better. Just hang in there! Sure, Robotech news isn't exactly thrilling lately, but there's new Gundam, Macross, and Votoms anime coming out this year in Japan, so that's a start for some good mecha news. And we're into some pretty good summer movies now, too.

    Looking forward to the next chronicles when you can facilitate it. Peace!

    By Anonymous Skull 23, at 05 July, 2007 01:08  

  • Sorry you are so bummed . . .but I was bummed out too after you reported the 2-disc edition of Shadow Chronicles. I can't think of a more flagrant example of "double dipping" with the franchise fans.

    It's bad enough that fans were strung along for several years regarding a release date for the Shadow Chronicles. Obviously HG were rushing to get the SC out to begin with. Now HG releases a second edition with all the features that SHOULD HAVE been included with the first release.

    Lucas can successfully double dip with Star Wars dvd and vhs releases because of the sheer number of die-hard fans. Robotech doesn't share this luxury. Yes, there are hard-core Robotech fans, but they are not legion. I just don't see how this will pay off for HG. Why can't they just concentrate on making new installments?


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 05 July, 2007 10:48  

  • It's hardly the first double-dip (Robbotech: Remastered anyone?). And I know when I listened to some of the Space Station Liberty podcast interviews at the time of release, reps from Harmony Gold pretty much said they were going to re-release it, that the first version didn't have everything they could cause there wasn't time to put it in. I know it's not much of an excuse. I guess I've become so used to double-dipping it doesn't really bother me. Well, it still bothers me I guess particularly when they call the first version "special edition" and then come out with "ultimate edition", and then after that, some other ridiculous title. If it says special edition, I'd prefer that to be it.

    Once the High-def war settles down, expect to see a double dip in a high-def DVD format too...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 05 July, 2007 16:43  

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