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From Comicon Pulse's DC MONTH-TO-MONTH SALES: OCTOBER 2005, by Marc-Oliver Frisch:

(152) & (163) ROBOTECH (WildStorm)
10/2003: Robotech: Love & War #5 (of 6) -- 17,459
10/2005: Robotech: Prelude to Shadow Chronicles #1 (of 5) -- 11,735
10/2005: Robotech: Prelude to Shadow Chronicles #2 (of 5) -- 10,811 (-7.9%)
2 years : -35.4%

The two-year comparison says it all, really. Interest in this franchise seems to be pretty much dead.

Smart comics retailers base their orders on how much they ordered of the property the last time it was offered. If it turns out they underestimated demand for this incarnation of the series due to the lackluster performance of Invasion, we'll see some upwards correction for issue #4 (the first offered while an issue was actually on the stands), probably some reorders, maybe a sell-out at the distributor level. Unless the reorders are spectacular, though -- around the 2K range -- you and I won't see them on the charts.

However, if they pegged it about right, we'll see at best a typical "gentle decline" -- shedding about a thousand off the top, then a few hundred copies for the next two months -- and at worst an unfortunate crash in the numbers. Can't really figure that based on these numbers; this is about typical for a book launched with two issues in one month, but is a really poor basis for figuring out what next month's numbers are going to be like.

On the two-year percentage movement comparison chart, only two books' numbers had dropped more -- the cancelled mature readers title The Losers and the cartoon tie-in Powerpuff Girls.

There will probably be an audioblog on Prelude #3 tonight, as my copy showed up on Wednesday. It will probably be short. There's not much to talk about. Still, be prepared.


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