My first notes on Prelude #2 ...

... and sorry, if you want them, you have to listen to them. Worse, you have to listen to me, which I'm very sorry about, but there was nobody else available -- especially anyone else who could ad lib Robotech continuity with any degree of accuracy -- and I just didn't feel like posting up a long list of things that I was later going to revise extensively or repeat in another post. So, I audioblogged it. Forty-one minutes of me rambling and ranting on Robotech continuity. Do try and enjoy it, OK? (Suddenly I have a whole lot more respect for Lt. Tylor at RDF Underground ...)

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  • Another thing to add to the Lazlo Zand puzzle.....In issue 3 of the original Sentinels run, T.R. Edwards mentiones that Dr. Zand will be handling things on his behalf while they're gone to Tirol.

    Yeah, big deal, but its another canon link to this...odd character. It'll be interesting to see if they mention WHAT he was planning to do while Edwards was gone, and how he linked up with the Regent.

    By Anonymous Jimmy Musgrove, at 28 October, 2005 01:59  

  • No offense to the RDF Underground guy--I actually do like the podcast--but that guy has the funnyiest broadcast voice ever. eve...ry...syllable

    I haven't listened yet, but you *must* sound much better.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 28 October, 2005 08:59  

  • Jimmy:
    That's one of those bits from the Sentinels comics pretty much straight from the novels. I reread a bit of "The Devil's Hand" pretty recently, and his dialogue in Sentinels Bk. I #3 is almost verbatim from the book. That early in Sentinels they were still sort of straddling the line of hewing to the animation scripts and the books simultaneously ... it's kinda weird.

    Well, I sure as heck don't do that, at least ... I don't think. But I can't listen to recordings of myself at ALL, so I haven't checked how it sounds.

    By Blogger Jonathan, at 28 October, 2005 12:25  

  • Man I just listened to ALL of this. Very interesting. I must admit that it didn't got borin or uninterested. The only complaint I have is the quality of the recording, but that's not really a big problem. A great deal of the things you pointed out was very interesting, and I was actually laughing with you when you read that invid to regent dialogue. Keep up the good work Jonathan.

    By Anonymous Arthedain, at 30 October, 2005 14:31  

  • WOW. That was incredibly painfull to listen to. Insightfull but very painfull. I don't think it took even 5 minutes for me to want to shoot myself in the head. But no one knows more than you and even if you don't have that perfect 'radio voice' it pretty much covered everything.

    By the way I'm selling/giving away my ENTIRE STOCK of RT comics since I'm goin to be movin soon, I wanna take as less crap as I can. If you want any, let me know. We can work things out.

    By Anonymous DKenny, at 01 November, 2005 17:07  

  • Sincere apologies for both sound quality (courtesy of my cell phone) and my so-not-a-radio-voice (courtesy of me being a nervous rambling wreck of a human being). I tell you, I started up that rant at least a hundred times, and eventually just had go for broke in order to get it finished and posted and go to bed. Fair warning, I'm probably going to do this for every further issue of Prelude, so here's hoping practice makes perfect. Otherwise, well, now you know what to expect and whether or not you can deal with it.

    Working on the full text + pictures version right now.

    By Blogger Jonathan, at 01 November, 2005 23:36  

  • Actually, I think it's a good idea to do it for every issue. Keep up the good work.

    By Anonymous Arthedain, at 02 November, 2005 13:37  

  • I enjoyed it, The content was good, yea it was rough in a few places but good first try. I thought it was fun to hear you say something you might have otherwise edited out later in a written version.

    Do you have GarageBand on your powerbook? While it may come off as a music editor is is very useful to work with the spoken word too. My first advice with garage band is turn the temp all the way down. This will let you record a really long audio track. As for a mic you might need to use a USB mic. If you have a playstation with a usb headset then your all set you can speak right into the computer. The xbox one also might work. Another nice thing about recording into the computer is that you can even add effects to your voice. Making you voice sound fuller and stronger too. And don't worry everyone is doing it. Another tip from a friend of mine who does voiceovers is record your voice standing up. If you have any questions drop me a line. My email address is up at

    Anyway keep up the good work.


    By Anonymous Odyn, at 06 November, 2005 06:19  

  • Jonathan...greatl job. I felt like I was listening to a lecture back in college. Wish it was on this topic. I feeling you can fine a name for yourself someday if you keep this up. I'm seriously a part of your network now. Thanks for all the hard work in getting all the details to us. Not so easy...I know for sure. Robotech forever...

    By Anonymous Cha, at 10 May, 2006 23:11  

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