Regarding the Robotech for cell phones thing ...

Reported yesterday by your friendly neighborhood (Unofficial) Robotech Reporter and the folks at, it seems HGUSA has inked a deal with Montreal-based Airborne Entertainment to put shiny, glitzy ROBOTECH nonsense on your cell phone.

As for my cell phone, well ...

I think they're a bit late.

Plays Rick Hunter's theme when you call it, too.


  • Yeah!
    I agree, mine has the Battloid reaching out (often seen on the header of as a wallpaper and the ringtone is the RT theme music. Other sounds include Sammi going "Oh, I can't make out this strange code!" as a message alert and some other theme music for my alarm. Also has a great gif of Scott in cyclone armour shooting off missiles as a screensaver!
    Let's see what they come up with.

    By Blogger Beholder01, at 10 February, 2006 05:04  

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