At one road's end ...

So there I am at work on Tuesday, in-between gangs of little bright ones looking to be educated (or, rather, to chit-chat and ignore me and throw pencils around the room, but I digress), and I've got my AOLIM going, and Tom Bateman strikes up a conversation, 'cause he's looking for the running time on Codename: Robotech. Alas, I don't have it -- while there is a ROBOTECH DVD in my work bag (I mean, geez, doesn't everyone keep at least one ROBOTECH DVD handy at all times?), it's not the right one. But I keep the conversation going because, hey, I'm bored, and I've got the next lesson all planned out, and I figure I keep pushing, I'll get something out of him.

I eventually ask him the question (and I'm paraphrasing here), "So, if you were going to describe when Shadow Chronicles will be done, would you say, 'soon'?"

Tom tells me, "As we speak."

And my eyes promptly bug out of my head. Just as I have finally gotten my silly little fifty-four page xeroxed pamphlet done, the folks at Harmony Gold have also reached the end of their current mission.

If you're doubting the veracity of my story, news has already spread, as Darkwater discovered today. Today while at work I poked Tommy Yune with a sharp stick and, after saying, "OW! Why'd you do that?" he told me that he's already onto the next items on his to-do list -- marketing his shiny new finished product, putting together the OST, and getting the ball rolling on the next stage of the Amazing Saga of ROBOTECH. (I think Tommy's OK with me saying all this, because he was certainly acting like he was giving me Official Statements. But if I totally misread all that, um, sorry? ^_^;)

To which I say, "Ooooh, the next stage!" I wonder ... Prelude left a lot of players on the map who haven't appeared in cast lists for Shadow Chronicles. Perhaps we'll see more of them in the Next Exciting Episode of ROBOTECH. Certainly something to think about if you're in the mood for some idle speculation.


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