It's time for more Emissaries business; if you're not interested, don't worry, I've got some more proper content for you coming up by the end of the weekend. But first ...

Today, according to the first page behind the front cover of the latest issue of Emissaries (Vol. 2 #2 | Winter '05/'06), is the deadline for sending me all material to be published in the upcoming Spring issue -- any articles, editorials, artwork, fanfics, interviews, etc. should be in to me today.

So I shake the Emissaries mailbag, and I get, um, a letter. Whoopie -- all I've gotta do is print that letter on the back of a copy of this issue's cover and I'm done, I guess. Oh, wait, I'd better write up a "Captain's Log" and that promised installment of "Conqueror" -- so, what, eight pages or so. Yeah, that'll be giving the faithful their money's worth.

Now I've been pretty lax in sending the missives to the Emissaries faithful lately, but I really don't think that's the problem -- I ran into the same problem when I was sending e-mails to the Emissaries subscriber list every four weeks or so. Everyone associated with this publication has had a problem with deadlines in the past -- myself included, just ask Evan -- and I get that; that's why I'm writing this post, as a kick in the pants to all Emissaries subscribers who also read the blog. I'm instituting a deadline extension to the end of April, which would be Sunday, April 30. Look at the back cover -- it promises the next issue in May. One way or another, that's happening, and I'd stronglly prefer it if that way involved contributions from a larger cross-section of the 'zine's subscribers.

If you've got any ideas for content for the coming issue of Emissaries -- any at all -- please, drop me a line at emissaries AT hotmail DOT com, captainjls AT animejanai DOT com, or via AOL Instant Messenger (screen name SentinelVeidt) -- I should be on AIM for a few hours both evenings this weekend, barring any unforeseen circumstances, so that'd be a great way to throw ideas my way.

So ends this issue's content pledge drive until late April. Thanks for indulging me, and hope to hear from you all soon.

I'll be sending much the same message out in an e-mail later on in the weekend, so if you get one and you've already read all this, feel free to ignore it -- not the content, of course, but unless you find it helpful to have a reminder sitting in your inbox, it'll probably be safe to trash it ...


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