Yikes, I'm OLD!

Well, not really, I'm sure (I HOPE) most of you are older than that, but you know, the number twenty-five still sounds scary and impressive to my ears. I mean, that's a quarter of a freakin' century, for crying out loud, one of those nice simple fractions you can do without a calculator or a piece of scratch paper to scribble on.

You know, I still remember a time when I was watching ROBOTECH and I was younger than most of the cast. I guess that's the happy side effect of something like Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles -- I can look at that and go, "Look, I'm younger than Rick Hunter again!"

In case you can't read between the lines, it's my birthday today and it kind of scares me.


  • Hey happy birthday! Only 25 somehow I thought you where older, just wait until you hit 27. =P

    By Anonymous Odyn, at 03 April, 2006 12:42  

  • Happy Birthday!! Maybe Robotech will give us the release date of the SC today, wouldn't that be cool for a present. Anyway, don't give to much thought to it, you are still young!! :)

    By Anonymous sdf1macross, at 03 April, 2006 13:26  

  • I'm 32, Robotech fan since '86 and still alive and kickin' !!!

    ~ Tenutti

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 03 April, 2006 14:47  

  • Oh and ... Happy birthday !

    And great blog ! Living close to the site where Scott Bernard's Alpha will crash in 38 years or so, your blog was the only place I was able to at least get a glimpse of the Preludes.

    ~ Tenutti

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 03 April, 2006 15:01  

  • odyn: I spent my high school years on The Robotech Page's old Robotech Message Board with everyone thinking I was in my twenties, so I'm actually quite used to that ... ^_^

    sdf1macross: Hey, I work with elementary schoolers ... keeps you young, but makes you aware of how old you are all at once!

    Tenutti: Thanks for the kudos, glad I could provide at least a glimpse of what's new in the world of ROBOTECH!

    By Blogger Jonathan, at 03 April, 2006 15:23  

  • You're not old until you start hearing songs you grew up listening to on the OLDIES station.
    And no, I don't mean the Classic Rock stations, I mean the OLDIES station.

    Oh, and I'm only 30, and I already hear the crappy pop they played when I was young on the Oldies station.


    By Anonymous Justy Ueki, at 03 April, 2006 20:38  

  • Happy Birthday!
    Thanks for the great blog!

    By Blogger Beholder01, at 04 April, 2006 00:48  

  • Happy b-day (even though I'm a bit late, at least in my time-zone). Enjoy it, because after 30, we're oing down hill. ;)

    And of course, thanks for a great blog.

    By Anonymous Arthedain, at 04 April, 2006 02:15  

  • happy birthday! I have the big 30 this year ACK!

    By Anonymous Deevil, at 04 April, 2006 02:57  

  • You know what the funny thing is... I was assigned to stock toys today... and I saw that Beast Wars and Pokemon are celebrating their ten year anniverseries.... I'm looking at the little Pokemon Trainer Pokedex thing in my hands... and I'm like... "Has it been 10 years already?"

    It seems day by day, time moves by so slowly... and yet, in retrospect... it's going by faster then any of us realize....


    But either way, Happy Birthday, Jon!

    By Anonymous Tolarin, at 04 April, 2006 05:16  

  • 27...

    and I still remember when I was told I discovered online Robotech fandom "late" back in '96

    Any rate, happy birthday :)

    By Anonymous Cyc, at 04 April, 2006 05:59  

  • My dear, you are a kid!

    I turned 40 in July.
    Don't feel sorry for yourself about getting old, ' cuz you are not old.

    Happy Birthday, and thanks for all you do!

    Louise aka Aikiweezie

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 04 April, 2006 11:05  

  • Whatta rookie! I'll be 31 next July. What were you five when Robotech was on the air. Stop whining kid! Oh by the way, Happy Birthday! I love your site. Ha!

    By Anonymous Troubleman245, at 05 April, 2006 13:20  

  • Let me put it this way: I was six years old when the first McKinney novel, Genesis, was published -- and I still have the battered, dog-eared, and glued-back-together first printing of that book that my mom bought me back in the day. I may have been a wee one when the show first aired, but I caught the Protoculture bug back then just the same. Sure it remained in a sort of remission for years while I focused on stuff like Transformers and Ninja Turtles, but that novel and a first printing of The Devil's Hand remained on my bookshelf for years as a reminder of the series, keeping it floating in the back of my mind until I rediscovered the series on videotape in the early 1990's. So while by comparison I may be a rookie at the game of life, where ROBOTECH is concerned I think I've earned my battle scars, so to speak.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes and kudos, everyone -- I really appreciate it ... which makes me feel all the more guilty about not posting up much of anything this week! ^_^;

    By Blogger Jonathan, at 07 April, 2006 13:56  

  • Happy B-day - Don't feel bad I was 12 when all this crazyness hit the airwaves and i've been hooked since. So much so I married someone who looks a lot like Lisa

    By Blogger jscott_73, at 07 April, 2006 23:11  

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