In case you missed it ...

This was this year's April Fool's gag at -- something blatantly ridiculous (at least to me -- your mileage may vary), accessorized with gags of bygone years.

I'm of two minds about this. On the one hand, I'm glad they didn't do something that at first glance seemed possible/shocking and carried an air of authenticity about it (see the box design for the Robotech 3000 collection, for instance). On the other hand, y'know, anything worth doing is worth doing well. This feels like something done just for the sake of carrying on tradition.

Though honestly, I did laugh every time I read the phrase "beloved Robotech character Lynn Kyle" ...

Update: Darkwater gives a complete roundup of the April Fool's "merriment," complete with screengrabs of all store items (though he neglected to catch a pic of the RT3K box set glowing in the dark), here.


  • Yeah, I know what you are saying, I wasn't looking forward to another of their jokes, but it was good because one knew it was a prank, specially after the "beloved Lynn Kyle" part.
    When they did the RT3000 the first time I totally fell for it, after I saw the glow in the dark box there was no doubt to me that it wasn't a joke, it look too real, anyway, it was good to keep the tradition alive without harm :)

    By Anonymous sdf1macross, at 02 April, 2006 12:20  

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