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I spent the weekend rearranging some of the debris of my life, chief among these things my vast library of graphic novels. With this in mind, here's the mocked up covers to the rest of the Invid War library I was discussing at the end of last week. For the record, Vol. 1 would clock in at 96 story pages, though you could easily fill that book out with bonus materials -- cover gallery, interviews with the creators, continuity notes, and so on and so forth. The thicker books story-wise could have a little less of that sort of stuff in order to balance the page counts out ... that is, if that was considered important. I've seen DC Comics collections as small as four issues and as thick as nine issues in a continuing series, twelve if they're collecting a complete maxi-series, and there's no worry about balancing out page counts with bonuses and the like. Some books just wind up thicker than others. All depends on how they want to roll.

In any case ... let's get on with the covers and what would go behind them.

Collects Invid War #5-8 and the Firewalkers one-shot. For Lancer and his fellow soldiers posted at Moon Base ALuCE II, it's a lonely life on the moon in the days following the Invid Invasion, especially when you're teamed up with a fractured force of unrepentant sophomoric bigots, disillusioned Zentraedi, and a depressed Bioroid clone. On top of that, this boiling cauldron of personalities are sitting on a huge cache of pristine Alpha Fighters, while resistance forces on the Earth go without. While this doesn't sit right with their commander, Desmond Nobutu, it's dangerous business opening a line to Invid-controlled Earth. Following the dispatch of a courier to the planet below, a desperate plan is hatched to join with Earth-based forces converging on Reflex Point to try and crush the Invid's stranglehold on the planet. However, before they can join the fight against the Invid, they have to stop fighting each other! Cover by Robert Chang from the Firewalkers one-shot. 125 story pages.

Collects Invid War #9-12. Picking up after the failed assault on Reflex Point, we see a broken Jonathan Wolfe part ways with former REF officer John Carpenter, as Wolfe builds up Soldiertown and searches for ways to amass more and more Protoculture to keep his people safe while Carpenter and his group, the Splinters, dream of opening up regular trips to ALuCE to send people safely offworld, away from the Invid, but also to get at those Alpha Fighters housed there so that no one will have to flee the Earth in fear again. Meanwhile, Nova Satori's people dig into Carpenter's organization in hopes of advancing her agenda, and the Invid launch a new and deadly weapon in hopes of annihilating their former foes, the Zentraedi. Cover by Robert Chang from Invid War #9. 96 story pages.

Collects Invid War #13-18. Scott Bernard and his freedom fighters enter the picture, witnessing the final days of Wolfe's Soldiertown as Spangler & Eldred adapt the TV episode "Eulogy," then meeting with John Carpenter's Splinters, only to part ways due to a difference in philosophies. As Bernard's team grows ever closer to Reflex Point, the world around them falls further and further into decay, as the destruction of Soldiertown ripples out to engulf Nova Satori's Global Military Police, forcing her to make peace with the Splinters. But no sooner have Carpenter and Satori sealed their truce when the final battle at Reflex Point begins, just as Carpenter's dream of an exodus to the lunar surface is poised to launch. Cover by Tim Eldred from Invid War #13. 145 story pages.

I was just thinking about it, and it'd probably be neat to toss in the story from Academy's Robotech #0, "What's Past is Prelude," by Bill Spangler & William Jang at the end of Invid War Vol. 4 since that kind of wraps up John Carpenter's story with a nice neat bow, showing his life going on in the post-war world. It would also serve as a nice prologue to a volume collecting Bruce Lewis's Aftermath, seeing how it "hints" at that with the final shot of the nuclear-adapted Veritech and talk of the city of Belmont, if that were next on the publishing schedule. It'd bring the total up to 161 story pages, but it works both in its original intended purpose as prologue to Academy's publishing line and as epilogue to the Invid War story.

Tomorrow: At long last, we're going to pick apart the final chapters of Prelude. No foollin'!


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