Well, there you go.

Apparently the store was down so that, as Darkwater noticed, the guys could post up a pre-order for the Yamato Megazone 23 Garland figure. Only a hundred bucks, the cheapest I've seen it anywhere.

So I guess that's something. Oh, and I didn't know it had rubber tires. That's pretty cool.

The preorder page rattles off the following info:

In 1986, MEGAZONE 23 was adapted into ROBOTECH: The Movie "The Untold Story", which saw a very limited release in the United States and several foreign home video markets. The story takes place just before the onset of the 2nd Robotech War as the Robotech Masters attempt to infiltrate the Army of the Southern Cross by kidnapping and reprogramming a senior officer. Eventually, a young rebel named Mark Landry must might for his life after he accidentally comes into possession of the MODAT 5, an experimental predecessor to the Cyclone (identified as the Garland in MEGAZONE 23) that contains data that could expose the Masters' gambit.

A few notes about this text:

1) The Masters don't reprogram B.D. Andrews, they replace him with a "simulagent" clone.

2) Interesting that they mention the connection between the MODAT 5 and the Cyclone, since that tie only ever appeared in print in the first issue of the Comico New Generation comic book series. I don't even think Macek made mention of it in Robotech Art 3.

3) The placement of the parenthetical aside regarding the original name of the MODAT 5 makes it sound like it's the Cyclone that's identified as Megazone 23's Garland. I'd have put it right after "MODAT 5" but before the comma.

4) Cute touch using the phrase "the Masters' gambit," since the novel of the same name is very, very, VERY loosely adapted from ideas in Robotech The Movie: The Untold Story.

Yeah, I am a nitpicky bastard. What of it?


  • Don't forget the "prototype Cyclone" in Robotech Art 3 which is clearly a thinly redesigned Garland/MODAT. I think Sentinels was originally going to use the redesigned MODAT for its regular troops the way the Mospeada episodes use normal Cyclones. Also remember that Shogo/Mark and Yui/Becky were going to be in Sentinels before the movie was hastily rewritten to set it in the Southern Cross times.

    Mark in Sentinels, using the "prototype Cyclone" which is I guess, I don't know, MODAT 6? Makes sense. (Or maybe MODAT 7 if you consider the silly MODAT 6 from the Robotech The Movie comic.)

    Okay, I'm done nerding out.

    By Blogger Ginrai, at 24 March, 2006 13:15  

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