Plugging away.

The issue of Super 7 Magazine featuring Roger Harkavy's article on Southern Cross and Mospeada, featuring rare line art of the sort he provided for me to preview at this very blog, is now available here at the Super 7 website for $7.95 + $4.50 postage. Is it worth it? I'll let you know when my copy comes in.

Oh, and Roger's going to be the guest of our good friend Chris Meadows on Space Station Liberty a week from today (Thursday). Damn you, Meadows, taking up my week! My girlfriend is going to be very cross with you ...

Meanwhile, Diamond Comic Distributors has sent copies of the Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles DVD to comic specialty shops across the nation, and there are anecdotal reports at Darkwater's blog of copies popping up at Best Buy stores as well. And still I go without! I will be the last man in on-line ROBOTECH fandom without a Shadow Chronicles DVD. Weep for me.

Fun aside: because of a problem with my hard drive, I'm going to have to wipe the sucker clean in order to install the necessary update to the operating system to run a certain piece of software I'm going to need very shortly. Found this out tonight. Cherry on the top of a crappy day. Ah well, here's to the next twenty-four hours not sucking so bad ...


  • Try this program to Zero-Write your drive: Darik's Boot and Nuke


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 01 February, 2007 09:10  

  • No, no Jon....

    I will be the last person in online fandom to have a copy of the Shadow Chronicles DVD...

    By Anonymous Tolarin, at 02 February, 2007 04:52  

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