How disappointing.

Check it out -- it's the Megazone 23 video game, Blue Garland, being developed for the PS3 for the Japanese market. Looks like it's some sort of lousy visual novel "adventure game" sort of thing with all-new characters and mecha, set in a more contemporary phony Tokyo that nobody knows is actually aboard a spaceship. Ah, silly me, thinking a Japanese developer would make a Megazone game that would actually tap the potential of the license ...

More pics here, official website here.

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  • That Blue Garland is kind-of cool looking. Wonder if we'll get a toy anytime soon?

    The game? Meh. No PS3 for me.

    As for MZ23 itself, I'm not really sure people know what to do with the franchise anymore. The cat, plot-wise, is already out of the bag, so where do they go from there? I think, realistically, the best thing they can do is push Megazone back into series format. That way they can play up the whole mystique about unknowingly living in a space-ship throughout multiple episodes / story lines. Move away from the short OAV, and give us a more in depth plot.

    And more singing. Definitely more singing.

    By Blogger JHC, at 07 July, 2007 16:38  

  • I have to disagree with the dear Captain. I think that game looks sweet. I see a lil' Mylene Jenius clone in the purple haired girl with the cat but so what. The earlier post mentioned this time it should be series instead of an OVA. It's almost ironic because it was originally going to be a series(a follow up to MOSPEADA) until they lost their sponser. A series would be better this time around.

    By Anonymous troubleman245, at 07 July, 2007 16:59  

  • Well, the thing is, when I first heard "MZ23 for the PS3," my first thought was, "Oh, a game where you get to drive a Garland 'round 1980's Tokyo would be sweet! I'd freakin' BUY a PS3 for that!" But no, it's a "talk to cute anime girls" game with different people and robots in it. I once, ahem, "play tested" a game like that when I was still working anime retail. I came away from it wondering what in the HELL people who can't read Japanese buy games like that for. I was bored to tears. Hence my disappointment.

    A few years ago, AIC was talking about doing a new MZ23 TV series; I wonder if it got turned into this game for some reason. That's actually the first thing I thought when I saw the all new, all different character designs.

    By Blogger Captain JLS, at 07 July, 2007 17:32  

  • Well the mecha looks way better then shadow chronicles mecha( game graphics)....I love it

    In any case,, Harmony gold never succeds in using the licence...

    But japanese devlopers are cool...they do the job as they should....

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07 July, 2007 18:48  

  • I heard that they gave up the idea on creating a new megazone 23 series and a OAV. The megazone23 story does not sell anymore.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 July, 2007 02:46  

  • Speaking of Megazone 23, I found someone selling Robotech: The Movie posters on ebay. Too bad they are the small ones. And from the South American release. If you're interested, you can find them at:

    You know how I feel about the movie. I always thought the poster was nice, though. I used to have the Megazone 23 book that it was taken from.

    By Blogger Admiral DMC McKeever, at 09 July, 2007 01:55  

  • Think about this for one second:

    When Megazone 23's owners/licensees release a shoddy product which obviously aims to garner younger fans who don't know anything about the license, all the Robotech fans around here go nuts and (more or less) denounce it as ditching the feel of the original.

    When Robotech does the same exact thing, it's alright and it's "a smart decision."

    Hypocrites. Freakin' hypcrites round-and-round.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13 July, 2007 18:25  

  • Um, most Robotech fans don't like Robotech: The Movie. And when it was made, it was only a year or two after Megazone 23 was released, so I don't think Cannon was going for "younger" fans as much as they were going for fans who were not in Japan, and thus had never seen Megazone 23.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13 July, 2007 19:49  

  • The video game in the post, idiot.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13 July, 2007 22:12  

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