The complete Prelude solicits thus far ...

Here's the solicitation text for all the issues of Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles so far. Interesting how much they reveal ...

Written by Tommy Yune, Jason Waltrip & John Waltrip
Art and cover by Omar Dogan & Udon Studios
The legendary Robotech saga continues! After 20 years, the mysterious circumstances behind the disappearance of Admiral Rick Hunter will be revealed in this 5-issue miniseries featuring much of the original Robotech cast as well as a behind-the-scenes look into the production of the upcoming Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles DVD!
In 2022, an Expeditionary Force departed from Earth in search of the homeworld of the Robotech Masters. However, its discovery would spark an interstellar conflict that would last decades. An uneasy alliance is finally reached, but a secret pact with an enemy within the ranks threatens to start a new war that could destroy the Expeditionary Force and the human race!
And in issue #2, the treachery of General Edwards is revealed, but not before the SDF-3 is nearly destroyed! When betrayal harms the very ones that he loves, how far is Admiral Rick Hunter willing to go to take retribution? With their flagship in ruins, Rick sends Captain Vince Grant with the upgraded battlefortress Tokugawa in hot pursuit to the Invid homeworld of Optera, but will it be enough to take on Edwards's new alien technology?
On sale Oct 5 and Oct 19 o 1 and 2 of 5 o 32 pg, FC, $3.50 US Edited by Ben Abernathy

Written by Tommy Yune, Jason Waltrip & John Waltrip
Art and cover by Omar Dogan and Udon Studios
The legendary Robotech saga continues! As the SDF-3 undergoes the final stages of its reconstruction at Space Station Liberty, Admiral Rick Hunter himself makes preparations to pursue the treacherous General Edwards. Will Janice and Doctor Lang be able to reverse-engineer the Shadow Technology in time to save the Robotech Expedition? And what of Captain Grant's assault on the Invid Homeworld?!
On sale Nov 16 o 3 of 5 o 32 pg, FC, $3.50 US

Written by Tommy Yune, John Waltrip & Jason Waltrip
Art and cover by Omar Dogan
An audacious invasion gains the upper hand for the Robotech Expedition. But with mysterious Invid technology still in General Edwards's grasp, will the clash explode into an outright civil war? Secrets that have driven a wedge between Rick Hunter and Edwards for an entire generation are finally revealed!
On sale Dec 21 o 4 of 5 o 32 pg, FC, $3.50 US


  • 1. The battlefortress Tokugawa...was that in McKinney's version? I get all the ships confused.

    2. "Reverse engineer" shadow-tech? This sounds like Babylon 5, not RT. What are they reverse-engineering it from?

    3. Re the Rick/Edwards it solely a McKinney creation that Edwards hates hunter because he left him to die at Alaska Base? Why is their rivalry a mystery?

    By Blogger b4bobb, at 30 September, 2005 09:07  

  • Okay, I have the Sentinels novels as txt files, and I searched for "Tokugawa." The first mention (I think) comes in book 4 when Wolff, Vince Grant & Breetai return to Tirol to answer charges and to return the monopole ore Breetai fled with. I think all this is near the time of Edwards's coup attempt.

    At the start of book 5, Once the Edwards faction heads for Optera to join up with the Regent, Breetai chases Edwards straight to Optera, and Vince Grant does indeed pilot the Tokugawa first to Haydon IV to pick up some of the Sentinels, then to Peryton to aide Rick & co., and then finally to Optera for the final throw down.

    Some from what I can tell so far, the story we'll get in "Prelude" is quite similar to McKinney's version, but I'm betting it will be a bit simplified & watered down.

    By Blogger b4bobb, at 30 September, 2005 09:30  

  • I just found the real first appearance of the Tokugawa. For those who care, the Tokugawa was described by McKinney as an "SDF Escort" class. It was the lead ship in Commodore Rehnquist’s expedition sent from Tirol to track down Breetai and the monopole ore he stole. The ship joined with Breetai's contingent, and later returned to Tirol with Wolf & Co. as described by me above.

    In the comics, if I remember correctly, this ship was depicted as an Izumo class, like the SDF-4. I wonder what ship design they'll use in "Prelude?"

    By Blogger b4bobb, at 30 September, 2005 14:07  

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