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  • member Treiz has assembled a spiffy fan trailer for the Shadow Chronicles animation which can be found here courtesy of fellow member Vanger. WMV file, nearly 23 megs, and very cool.

  • Once upon a time -- about four months ago, actually -- there was a very cool personal collection of Robotech merchandise and production material that was showcased at Project A-Kon in Dallas, TX. You can find pictures of it here. Now the whole shebang is being sold off on eBay. Kind of sad, showing off this fantastic collection over the summer and then having to sell it all off in the fall. And on the other hand, I wish I had enough money to buy it off the guy ... there's some stuff in there that brings out my jealous, greedy collector side, and makes me hope whoever does wind up buying it decides to make some of his money back by trimming it down ...

  • Nobody seems to be at the wheel of the main page anymore. In a thread started by Darkwater, it was pointed out that there's a clip from a "news" segment about Robotech's presence at Anime Expo 2005 by Comcast's digital cable VOD anime network, Anime Selects. The video can be seen here.

I am suddenly reminded why I stopped visiting the forums -- because when I do visit them, I wind up writing long-winded posts that nobody cares about and fail to get any work done. *sigh*

Unless I manage to post sometime in the afternoon, when next we meet here, I'll have read the first issue of Prelude for myself and will be delivering unto you my impressions. So be watching for that. And to tide you all over, here's that two-page spread I was supposed to have ripped apart tonight in a size suitable for putting up as a desktop picture. (Click it for that.) Enjoy!


  • I would reply to your long post on if I could find them. I sometimes find that it's better not post too long of a post on and if you do have a long post break it two parts it always feels easier to ready that way on I believe this come from the old design rule of not putting long passages of white text on a really dark background. I’ll have to go digging for that book, it had a really good reason way it’s that way, but I just can’t recall it this morning.

    By Anonymous Odyn from, at 30 September, 2005 05:35  

  • Nobody seems to be at the wheel of the main page anymore.

    Yeah, not to toot my own horn, but I kinda got used to scooping HG on stories about them from outside sources.

    When I posted the thread (, I think it goes down in the first time in history anyone scooped HG about something on their OWN website.

    By Anonymous Darkwater, at 30 September, 2005 16:38  

  • I thought it was you, Darkwater, but I couldn't find the thread, so I didn't attribute it. Fix that in a sec here ...

    By Blogger Jonathan, at 01 October, 2005 00:16  

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