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I would be remiss if I didn't mention that the latest news on the Shadow Chronicles production, including newly cut trailers and updated behind-the-scenes stuff is apparently being shown in three spots across the U.S. during the weekend of October 21-23 -- Oni-Con in Houston, TX, Reactor in Chicago, IL, and ... wha? The Liberty Film Festival in West Hollywood, CA? What in the ... ? "Hollywood's Conservative Film Festival?" Okay, kids, that just seems weird to me ...

The fans debate Robotech's place at such an event here, and while you're at it, review the United Nations 60th Anniversary PSA here at the Shadow Chronicles website. Frame it any way you want ... when the lead characters of your animated production are honoring the U.N. at sixty, and you decide to push it at a festival that's screening a film called "Broken Promises: The United Nations at 60," well ... that's just an, um, unique situation to put yourself in, don't you think?


  • Me no likey this.

    By Blogger b4bobb, at 04 October, 2005 11:57  

  • Captain JLS,

    First off let me say I enjoy reading your well thought out analysis of the Robotech comics. I also enjoy your blog layout.

    Several fans have pointed out the seemingly odd paring of Robotech: TSC and the LFF. In response to that Tom Bateman and I posted the following on the liberty film festival blog and the fourms.

    I think it will answer your question:


    ROBOTECH was a very influential animated television program in the1980’s that started the Japanese animation craze in the United States. We feel that ROBOTECH has many themes that will resonate with conservatives who will be attending the Liberty Film Festival. For example, the show presents a very positive depiction of the military, as well as a realistic depiction of war and the need to fight when there are no other options.

    ROBOTECH was considered a very intelligent and thought provoking show that didn’t talk down to its audience (even though it was an animated series seen primarily by children) Conflicts between those of opposing viewpoints are presented realistically, leaving the audience to decide what was right. There was none of the typical Hollywood “sermonizing” so often seen in children’s television.

    We want to show a number of clips from the series that emphasize these points and we think the LFF audience will be pleasantly surprised by what they see. These themes will be carried over in the upcoming sequel: ROBOTECH – THE SHADOW CHRONICLES.

    If you have any more questions, let us know,

    Kevin McKeever
    Tom Bateman

    p.s. We do wish to address the “UN ad”, which in itself will demonstrate the challenges that face conservatives within the industry.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 04 October, 2005 15:34  

  • A 30-second “Happy Birthday, UN” spot is not the same thing as a Michael Moore movie. And that’s exactly the kind of movies (except they’re conservative) playing at the Liberty Film Fest.

    I’m a proud liberal, but even I would be disturbed if they took a Robotech panel to a film festival with nothing but movies like Fahrenheit 9/11, even though I like those movies.

    Going to a film festival with nothing but overtly right-wing advocacy films is unnecessarily offensive to us non-conservatives in the Robotech community.

    By Blogger b4bobb, at 04 October, 2005 18:22  

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