Boy Am I Slow ...

First, catch up with a special remix of my verbal notes on Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles #2 produced by Odyn.

MP3 File

Then, give a listen to my first pass notes on Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles #3, which came out, yes, about a month ago. Sorry 'bout that. In fact, Prelude #4 should have been out tomorrow, but it looks like the book is running behind schedule and will be out December 21st. Hopefully this means less awkward errors and less weirdly-shaped heads. Oh, and yes, my cellphone is my medium of transmission, so the audio quality is kind of bad. Hey, when I can afford a decent microphone, I'll get one ...

MP3 File

The written/scanned image-filled edition will be up Thursday night. (It would be Wednesday except, y'know, King Kong comes out Wednesday ...)

I kind of wanted to talk about the new Macross DVDs that ADV is doing, but I think Darkwater is doing a pretty thorough job here, so go look at that the minute you're done torturing your ears with the sound of my voice.


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