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Sorry I've been quiet. Not much going on, and I've been busy with grandiose plans (more on those in the coming weeks & months) and selling off the fringes of my giant collection of stuff on eBay -- old Dragon Ball figures and comics I don't need anymore, mostly. Things I don't care too much about.

As our dear friend Darkwater pointed out at The (Unofficial) Robotech Reporter, the Macross English dub cast list is up, and nary a classic Robotech voice can be found there. I'm not so familiar with ADV dubs -- the only one I ever sat through all of was Evangelion, and that's because I was watching that in those pre-DVD days when it was either spend $20 on a dubbed VHS tape or $30 for a subtitled VHS tape and I was a teenager with, like, no money -- so I have no clue how this is going to sound based on the cast list. Indeed, the only thing I can say is, err, Tiffany "Asuka" Grant as Laplamiz/Azonia?! That strikes me as more than a little weird, though I suppose I can see her as the character during the reconstruction era. Perhaps when I have some time I can shuffle through some of my DVDs and investigate the matter further ...

Speaking of doing things and having time and such ... err, yeah, I promised some audio, didn't I? I think I'll try and squeeze that in tonight and then shoot for the text by Sunday night. As I said, that shouldn't take much time. There's really not a lot to talk about in Prelude #3.

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