Tangent - New work by one of my favorite Robotech aritsts!

Sooner or later I'm going to post up a super-exhaustive, heavily illustrated piece on this blog explaining why I think Return to Macross artist Wes Abbott is awesome -- probably early in the new year. In the meantime, I can tell you that Abbott's new work from TokyoPop, Dogby Walks Alone, is coming out June 13, 2006. The story concerns a silent amusement park mascot, a man in a sleepy-eyed dog suit, going on a quest to track down the murderer of his beloved queen. While the premise sounds a little out there, looking over the preview pages at the TokyoPop website (see 'em here -- just click "READ CHAPTER" and the preview will open in a new window), the work gives off the same crackling energy as his decade-old Return to Macross pages, despite the wildly nutty premise. Certainly there's much greater polish here, but I'm surprised to see that the art retains the same sort of animated excitement that he brought to the adventures of Roy Fokker & Co. on Macross Island.

Back in late June, Newsarama's Matt Brady inteviewed Abbott about Dogby here, where you can see lots of character sketches as well.

So, um, hey, people at DC/WildStorm ... any chance that we could see a "Return to Macross: War of the Believers" digest-sized trade as a tie-in of sorts?


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