New Toynami Macross goodies - UPDATED

Yep, according to, we've got a small raft of new domestic Macross toys on the way. Here's what I've been able to cull from their gallery:
  • 12" Macross Hikaru Ichijo doll / April 2006 / $79.99
  • 1/100 scale (approx 6") Macross transformable VF-1 assortment 1 / July 2006 / $19.99 each
That assortment includes Hikaru and Max's VF-1A's from Do You Remember Love and, of course, Roy's VF-1S Skull Leader. The prototype window box features Hikaru/Rick's classic VF-1J (with the Battlecry Tommy Yune artwork on the front) -- according to's article, that's due in assortment 2, out in the fall, along with Max & Milia's VF-1J's.

Happy to see character merchandise at long last, and boy, that Hikaru looks awesome. I have enough Valkyries, thank you very much -- but I'll so take that Hikaru. Spiff-tastic. According to the article, a Max Jenius doll will follow later in 2006, which I'll also take, thanks! Huzzah!

But this all gets me thinking ... say, didn't we see, um, a freakin' Masterpiece Beta last year? And promises of Cyclone figures? I seem to recall ... hmm ... ah, yes, here we go.

Thank you, handy photographic evidence! So, um, yeah, how about that stuff, Toynami? That Hikaru is cool and all, and I won't begrudge cheap American-issued Valkyries, but what about the promised New Gen goods, hm?


  • I was hoping to see some freash pics of the Beta as well. Maybe you could email them about the New Gen goods, and why the hell are they putting more macross stuff.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10 February, 2006 21:41  

  • any updates on the cyclone figures from toynami?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10 January, 2007 03:18  

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