Roboblog Chronicles tomorrow night, business right now.

  • I'm selling stuff on eBay right now -- a hefty stack of comic books and a pile of action figures. No ROBOTECH stuff, but mostly anime-related stuff nonetheless. This is going towards my Anime Expo fund -- got a ticket, got a room, now I just need to be able to eat when I get there ...

  • Speaking of which, as I just said, I have booked my room for the Anime Expo '07 weekend, so I'm not looking for a place to hang my hat. Now I'm looking for someone who needs a room and wouldn't mind crashing with me. If you're in need of a spot to crash for AX, drop me a line and we'll work something out.

I'm very sorry about not having a new video up, but I spent the entire evening posting the above eBay auctions. It's the first night I haven't felt all fuzzy in the head all week long, and like I said, the AX fund needs dollars, and I honestly wouldn't mind getting back some of the space that this stuff was taking up, either. But not to worry, after tomorrow I'm off of work for the next two and a half months (barring any change of jobs -- that would surely reduce that figure), so I'll be able to work long into the night on the new Roboblog Chronicles episode if need be. It's just not in the cards for tonight, unfortunately; I gotta be up bright & early in the morning for one last day.

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