The Roboblog Chronicles: Episode 5

Two and a half days late. You'll see why.

Apologies for the fuzzy audio mix and occasionally incoherent dialogue. I was kind of learning as I went.

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  • That was a lot of fun. And huge effort. What made you decide to go for it? Love your Grant voice, by the way. So what about female voice actors? ;) So will the Caption JLS' version of the Sentinels have special twists to it?

    Bryan aka Odyn

    By Blogger Bryan, at 02 May, 2007 19:34  

  • Wow! That was awesome! Only someone with an aptitude and intimate knowlege of the Sentinels could pull something like this off! My only gripe is that you used the newer, modified version of Exedore's stupid hat! What's up with that?? :)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 02 May, 2007 20:27  

  • Wow amazing job. I actually found that more entertaining than most of the Sentinals Movie!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 02 May, 2007 21:27  

  • Hey man great job on your sentinal movie. I know you worked real hard on it and it shows!

    By Anonymous rick, at 02 May, 2007 23:34  

  • I think we have some sort of Vulcan mind meld. I was just watching one of those comics on DVD (a Terminator I know they did a bunch of Marvel ones) and thought to myself that maybe someday some fans could do the same to the Sentinels using the comics as source material.

    I know exactly what you mean about working those long nights (I'm now realizing I would have had to quit blogging even if my job weren't a conflict of interest), but I have to say, seeing a close-up shot of you lying down is NOT what I had hoped to come home to.

    By Blogger Darkwater, at 02 May, 2007 23:37  

  • Great work JLS! I enjoyed that. Reminded me of what my friend did back in the early 90s. Convinced that the only way to finish The Sentinels was to do it himself, he filmed the comics and added voices, music, and sound effects. I think he only got as far as Book III. I wish I still had the tapes of that. It was a lot of fun to watch. I remember doing the voice of Dr. Lang, but I probably did half a dozen other characters that I don't remember.

    One day I'd like to find that tape and put it on YouTube along with is other project, Robotech: The Matchbox Saga.

    ---Admiral DMC McKeever

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 03 May, 2007 00:23  

  • That was very cool! I liked how you moved the images within the frame to simulate motion. As for the audio needs a little work. I use Audacity, it's free (and very basic) but it's rock solid.

    Recording your own voice (i.e. voice acting) can be a little nerve racking at first (most people hate the sound of their own voice) but, just remember to project, don't pop your "P's" and never ever underestimate the power of the undo-record event button...

    I hope to see more!


    By Blogger aaron@digitalcole, at 03 May, 2007 00:34  

  • Indeed this was a great watch, Thanks Jonathan!

    P.S Will there be more? ;)

    By Anonymous Arthedain, at 03 May, 2007 02:43  

  • The radio show-style idea is quite cool! Though there's a lot of Sentinels-geekery going on which sorta confused me, especially with the fairly low audio quality... I wish there was subtitles or something to help me follow all the dialogue. :p

    Some suggestions - add some subtitles, add sound effects like footsteps and stuff like a real radio show (if you need anime SFX, I can help) if you wish to make more of this... if not, its still a nice idea. Yay!

    By Blogger medmapguy, at 03 May, 2007 09:09  

  • Awesome! That was a lot of fun. I loved your Max and Scott voices.

    By Blogger Sharikahrcns, at 03 May, 2007 12:56  

  • Awesome work, dude. Good quality stuff and you turned it around relatively quick! Looking forward to more!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 03 May, 2007 15:37  

  • JLS, that was totally cool. What did you use as your source material? The novels or the Sentinels comics.

    I have the Sentinels comics myself, and I go by them to tell the Sentinels story.

    Its too bad, production stopped way back in '86, I for one was really looking foward to the new series, and don't be fooled by all the negative flak you hear about how people hate the Sentinels story and all that B.S.. Robotech fans would have watched the Sentinels and loved it just the same, even if they won't admit it.

    Again, great job, hope to see more.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 04 May, 2007 02:30  

  • Great job JLS. I had to comment and say that your work was worth the effort. It was a pretty interesting video and a great start. Keep up the good work as always.

    By Blogger The Masters, at 04 May, 2007 22:44  

  • Another vote for the "totally worth it" crowd. That was more "Robotech-y" than, uh, certain parts of Robotech.

    Please definitely continue!

    By Blogger JHC, at 05 May, 2007 16:35  

  • I realize that this would take a good mass of extra work, but the video would be infinitely better if you could edit each frame of character closeup to create a compliment frame where the characters have their mouth closed (or just take another screencap, use a video clip or jpeg, etc) and loop the two frames in order to create a basic "speech animation." It's actually pretty straightforward but adds an irreplaceable "authenticity" to the video.
    It was actually Robotech that got me thinking about the nitty-gritty of cel-based animation and experimenting with creating simple ones out of a few frames.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 05 May, 2007 19:49  

  • I've noticed that some anime uses the same style as well... Kudos for all the hard work! Maybe the wole series will be done before the next shadow movie comes out...


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07 May, 2007 16:54  

  • That was great! Actually more entertaining than the Sentinels pilot, I must admit. Can we expect to see more?

    By Blogger Lisa, at 30 May, 2007 10:14  

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