Thanks to Matthew J. Coelho for writing in with this scoop:

It was announced by Kevin McKeever on Saturday at Super-Con that the Beta will finally see production. Apparently there is going to be an agreement between Toynami and Aoshima regarding the production of the Beta. Toynami has loaned the Alpha and Beta molds to Aoshima which will be producing the Beta for Toynami and it will be way less than the projected $200 cost (my speculation based on similarly produced toys it will be $129). The Beta will plug into the Toynami produced Alphas.

This is good news to all of us that have been waiting for a Beta. The only problem is convincing my wife that I need two of them.

Hehe, I hear that, man.

Anyway, fantastic news for all of us who've been waiting ... and waiting ... and waiting!

He adds that this was supposed to be up on, but as always the official site is entirely unresponsive to such excellent and long-awaited news. I imagine if this was another cell phone game or something, though, we'd have heard about it yesterday ...

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  • FINALLY! I saw the prototype three years ago this summer, I think. I'm glad the Beta is more Shadow Chronicles than Robotech 3000; delayed but not canceled. :)

    By Blogger Admiral DMC McKeever, at 05 June, 2007 05:29  

  • Now that's some big news! Now we need to start a count down clock some where.

    Bryan "odyn"

    By Blogger Bryan, at 05 June, 2007 18:23  

  • Still not on, btw. And that brings me to a possible topic for the Roboblog chronicles. needs a make over. What should they do? What would you like to see? Would it hurt to update it? I don't mean this in a negative way. I really think the website needs to be updated and changed because it really hasn't changed a whole lot since it first came into existance.

    By Blogger Admiral DMC McKeever, at 05 June, 2007 21:01  

  • SCHWEET!!! Beta TIME!!!

    By Blogger Treiz, at 05 June, 2007 23:37  

  • "Toynami has loaned the Alpha and Beta molds to Aoshima which will be producing the Beta for Toynam" Wonder if that means the new Alpha's will be Aoshima based. hmmmm.

    Bryan "odyn"

    By Blogger Bryan, at 06 June, 2007 09:14  

  • Q&A on

    Kevin speaks!

    By Blogger Bryan, at 06 June, 2007 19:33  

  • Wow, so they are really going to produce the Beta! I just hope my Alpha doesn’t disintegrate when I attempt to dock the two together. I agree with Admiral DMC Mckeever seriously could use an overhaul “The Official Robotech Website” has officially become the last place I look for RT news and updates. It’s also visually stale, I would think with really great artists on staff like Tommy, that the site would be plastered with fresh new images all the time. The art for the Masterpiece Collections is great, but it’s hidden away in an image gallery, and I’ve yet to see any Shadow Chronicles art that’s not the same old image used on the DVD cover or that teaser ad with the holo-locket.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 06 June, 2007 19:37  

  • Oh geeez.... another one of the crappy anouncements..... made in acounts of thousends by now...

    What i want is to see a produced BETA with this amount of details.

    Wouldnt you ????

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 09 June, 2007 15:20  

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