The Roboblog Chronicles: Episode 9

Yes, it's time for another installment of, "Hey Harmony Gold, here's an idea! MAKE IT HAPPEN!" And nobody's going to listen to me, and I'm going to be sad. Opening music riff from the Super Dimension Fortress Macross soundtrack, composed by the recently departed Kentaro Haneda.

(BTW, it's just a little weird for the world to lose both Kentaro Haneda and Ulpio Minucci within months of one another, right? It's not just me, is it?)

Anyway, on with the show!

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  • Hi Jhonathan,
    My Name is Mauricio. I'm the fan who sent you the Shadow Chronicles add on PC World. Any how I'm trying to whatch your lastet Robolog chronicles video episoe 9 but it's not working all I get when I click play is this video is no longer available. could you please trying and find out why I can't paly the video. Please e-mail me back at



    By Anonymous Mauricio, at 07 June, 2007 05:10  

  • You probably tried to watch it right after I posted it up. The video hadn't had time to fully encode on YouTube's side of things yet. Any time you get the "video is no longer available" error when the video is freshly posted, just wait about fifteen minutes to a half an hour and try again.

    By Blogger Captain JLS, at 07 June, 2007 10:21  

  • An online multi-player game would be a good idea but only one problem....HARMONY GOLD IS MASSIVELY CHEAP!!!LOL! Great show BTW!

    By Anonymous troubleman245, at 07 June, 2007 11:49  

  • another groovy roboblog. rock on.

    By Blogger Fernando, at 07 June, 2007 15:16  

  • Captain JLS-

    I cringe when I hear MMORPG and Robotech. While I think, in a perfect world, the idea could work, I'm not seeing it turning out anything but sub-par with Robotech given the trends of the video game world.

    The problem with MMORPGs is they've always seemed stiff in their animations, flat in their worlds due to a lack of level structure, boring due to their reliance on multi-user interaction, and, for lack of a better term, "moldy" with all the overuse of texture mapping. In the perfect world, MMORPGs maybe can get beyond all this, but it's not a perfect world, and HG wouldn't have the time or resources to put in the level of detail and care needed for this sort of thing.

    Personally--even in a perfect world--MMORPGs don't function well for a property like Robotech, which is an action-drama "anime" at heart. It would end up more like Invasion, I think, where it's trying to be something Robotech is not.

    I didn't mind the "endless missiles" of Battlecry, because it fit the styling of Robotech. So, I have to propose that there's a more even middle ground: Develop a strong single-player game ala Battlecry that follows a Sentinels story with a few main, involved characters, and some side characters popping in and out to develop a narrative that will help bridge the most key events of the Sentinels campaign. Trying to develop whole MMORPG worlds usually ends up with a lot of boring, uninspired gaming space; so, instead, focus on creating interesting level scenarios, where more detail, balance, and aesthetic polish can be put in.

    THEN, since online is a big deal these days, put together a strong online mode option that has different maps from the Sentinels worlds...maybe even a level editor. Thus, the best of both worlds are achieved, and Robotech stays true to its aesthetic nature. As you said, for the sake of video games, you want to make it fun...and the randomness of MMORPGs means the player has to put in a lot of effort to even get into a fun situation, let alone one that's pleasing to the anime-flavored senses.

    Keep up the interesting dicussion. All the best!

    By Anonymous Skull 23, at 07 June, 2007 17:20  

  • meh, I don't like MMOs, they require far too much input before you can do anything interesting, and then there's allways going to be those guys that play 25/7 that you can never compete with.

    I would prefer to see something more along the lines of Battlecry and Invasion. A strong, well thought out and executed single player campaign set in either New Gen or shadow chronicles, with a well balanced and fun split screen and online multiplayer.

    It would be interesting if while the movies follow Grant and the REF searching for the missing SDF3, the games followed Hunter and the SDF3 as they struggle to overcome all odds to make it back to Earth.

    By Blogger Treiz, at 07 June, 2007 23:06  

  • O please look at you grumpy asses....

    I dont like this i dont like that... this is better , that is better...

    Actualy everything is better then what we have now ( which is NOTHING-- with a BIG N)

    And MMO, and a console game, and a RTS game, and a NEW series, and 10 more series...and some GOOD TOY KITS( for a change).. That is what Robotech needs....

    Any friends of Robotech( please do not confue with Yunetech) here ???

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 09 June, 2007 15:17  

  • You want a game that can tell the grand, epic campaign of the Sentinels while infusing character and a story arc? Call up the folks who did Knights of the Old Republic and Neverwinter Nights. That would be fantastic stuff.

    By Blogger Mike Chen, at 15 June, 2007 17:06  

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