Whoops! Apologies and cross-promotion.


Well, what you're looking at is the reason why there hasn't been any posting since the thirteenth. I even actually recorded a Roboblog Chronicles video right before I posted last, with every intention of putting it up and then putting up the other thing in the evening.

Ha! Alas, my enthusiasm for my current endeavor killed all those plans. What really sucks is that I have to rerecord it, too, once I want to post it, because it contained time-sensitive material.

Thing is, I literally haven't slept for more than six hours within the past three days because I want to spend all night chained to the drawing table, working on this personal project here.

I haven't actually mentioned what this is. It's an ongoing action/adventure/sci-fi/fantasy/romance/drama webcomic thing based on a universe of ideas that have been rattling around in my head forever, anchored by a character I created when I was three years old. So yeah, crazy stuff. It's called Scwonkey Dog, and can be found at I'm eleven pages in right now, and I started on page twelve this afternoon. I've also been going back and redrawing things all along, because the old drawing muscles are only finally starting to get warmed up and some of the early art is kinda weak as a consequence. Though I've reached the point where I'm thinking, "Meh, as long as it isn't TOO ugly and gets the idea across, it stays."

I'll probably change some of those drawings later anyway, though. I can never quite leave things well enough alone.

Anyhoo, as I said in the Twitter box on the sidebar, it feels so damn good to be getting all excited about something of my own, something spinning from my own head, instead of worrying and fretting about someone else's property. I still love ROBOTECH to death, but y'know, as long as I'm on this high, posting might be light to nonexistent. Sorry, folks. Not saying I'm quitting -- not quite yet -- but we may be on hiatus for a while. Which is a shame, because I do have something really cool I want to share. Maybe after I hit the first real cliffhanger ...

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  • You are not alone. You along with many others have plans for other things. And like you, doesn't mean we stop loving Robotech. We are taking it to another level instead of being stagnant. I've peaked at Scwonkey Dog for a few pages already and I must say it's cool! Can't wait to see where this goes for you. As for these "other plans" I'm talking about for me and other fan? Well... that will be announced soon as well. And I want to pick your brain about it sometime soon.

    Cheers Captain!

    Valkyrie Viv

    By Blogger Michael Bradley Fanclub, at 23 August, 2007 09:14  

  • You've must've been pretty busy, Captain JLS, during the past week or so. I'm grateful that nothing terrible has happened, like a crash or something, and I'll get a chance to check out Scwonkey Dog soon.


    By Blogger Callie, at 23 August, 2007 21:33  

  • Ah, you see what happens when I get banned from The whole fandom goes to hell!

    Just kidding (kinda).

    Congratulations on finding something that strikes a nerve with your creative impusles. Finding things like that not only people stay sane, but it also gives people new worlds to explore.

    By Blogger Darkwater, at 24 August, 2007 01:00  

  • I'm really liking your coloring here. You've got some nifty skills with... Photoshop? Very, very good. Keep this up for a few months if you can, and your skills will really skyrocket. What's your inspiration??

    I'm err... Hehe... Why does the female protagonist remind me of you... I mean if you did a side-by-side compari--

    Forget it.

    By Blogger medmapguy, at 24 August, 2007 17:41  

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