The Roboblog Chronicles: Episode 14

I am talking about toys this week. I've been thinking about talking about toys for months, and blast it, I don't CARE if I said I'd talk about MedMapGuy's ideas soonish, toys take priority! I want to wave toys in front of the camera! I have IDEAS! About TOYS! IDEAS! I AM A GUY WITH IDEAS!


Yeah, I haven't slept again. I'm sorry. Trust me, I was much more together in front of the camera.


I think.

I'm gonna go now ... watch the show, leave some comments, send me e-mails, etc.

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  • I agree that Toynami should make some more toys at the lower price point, though what you are suggesting is awfully close to the infamous Robotech dolls >.<

    Did you get my email? There was a big announcement at Mechacon and I put up all the details in the Production forum at

    By Blogger Treiz, at 08 August, 2007 11:19  

  • I agree that the Alpha Superposeables are some of the best Robotech toys we've gotten in the current batch.

    Some enterprising individual should make kits that let you convert them into Shadow Drones and Condors.

    By Blogger Roger, at 08 August, 2007 12:37  

  • Yes, but what I'm suggesting is, like, BADASS versions of the infamous Robotech dolls. Because you know, when you hand something that looks like a doll a ridiculous oversized missile launcher, that makes it an action figure.

    But seriously, think about it -- you go with your strengths. We all know that the Shadow Chronicles film's strength isn't mecha -- what was all the new, nice, shiny art of in the artbook? Characters. (Oh, and ships -- I keep forgetting the ships, which is a shame, because there's some EXCELLENT ship art in the artbook. Looks like it was colored in marker. Very cool.) So you go with the characters. And since the characters are all wearing CVR-3 armor, what do you accessorize them with? Cyclones. All kinds of weird, cool Cyclones. Makes seven shades of sense to me. But hey, what do I know -- I'm just a Robotech-loving toy freak. I wouldn't be, oh, a target market for this stuff, would I? *sigh*

    By Blogger Captain JLS, at 08 August, 2007 13:42  

  • Sigma Six style Robotech toys would be great. That line is vastly under-rated. It's probably the most play-worthy Joe product to come out in a long, long time. A similarly styled Robotech line would, one hopes, sell like gangbusters.

    Cap'n: You shouldn't be the target market for this stuff. None of us should. Toynami and Harmony Gold both need to concentrate on the bigger picture - which is getting kids to go gaga for Robotech the way they did for "Gundam Wing." Forget the tiny, minuscule fan market: there are bigger fish to fry.

    By Blogger JHC, at 09 August, 2007 11:25  

  • Man i think that middle price fighter is cool, ($15 -$20) I mean I pay that much for a plane that transforms and i can play with without breaking. I buy a few, but its hard to buy a high end toy that you cant realy play with.

    By Blogger Rick, at 11 August, 2007 12:19  

  • I like your Cyclone idea. And since the only "real" Cyclone toy they made was of Scott, it would be nice to have others. I'd love to see some non-Shadow Chronicles figures, too. I mean, why not Rand, Rook, and Lancer?

    What I'd love more than anything is to see more Veritechs. Like the ones from the 80s. I remember when they were at the swap meet for $20 - $25, and for REAL Macross ones, not the Korean knock offs. But that was before Robotech. I wish they could make ones that nice that you were able to play with today for a price I could afford. But I guess it's cheaper for me. If I can't afford these highly breakable ones, I can't buy them. So I end up saving money.

    By Blogger Admiral DMC McKeever, at 11 August, 2007 20:45  

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