Toynami @ SDCC: Wash, Rinse, Repeat ...'s coverage of the ROBOTECH corner of the Toynami booth at San Diego shows us nothing new, nothing all that exciting. But if, like me, you just want to gawk at new pictures of Scott Bernard's Cyclone and the Beta Fighter, or want to do a point-by-point comparison of the Masterpiece Alpha and its reengineered Mospeada counterpart, click over and take a look. I will have to pick up that Cyclone. Just hope it's sturdier than all my other high-end Toynami figures ...

UPDATE: Another gallery can be found at

ALSO: In related news, a translation of this post at Yacolog would tell you that CM's Corporation is planning their own Mospeada Ride Armor for December in Japan -- one month after Toynami's Masterpiece Cyclone comes out in the States -- while their Brave Gokin Legioss & Tread set is delayed to next spring. So I guess Toynami/Aoshima's Beta will be the first out the gate.

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  • I was there, here's a re-cap of the panel:

    -What HG is doing with the convention tour

    -Deleted RSC scenes showing boobies and sexual imagery.

    -Extras showing animatics side-by-side with the completed animation. (the cycnical part of me says its an effort to make the animation look somewhat decent :P )

    -Teaser trailer for Shadow Rising using all footage from the first movie. Basically it was the Regiss's monolugue about humans, children of the shadow, etc, with shots of Alphas and the Haydonite ships.

    -typical Q & A "Will you ever make Macross Zero into Robotech?"

    -Thats when I cut out to see Stan Lee.

    By Blogger Darkwater, at 29 July, 2007 22:37  

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