So there's this kid at the elementary school where I work who I've been loaning out my hardcover collections of Simon Furman's classic run on the Marvel Comics Transformers series to. Good kid, loving the books as any clear-headed Transformers-obsessed individual should, and on Monday I finally handed him the last volume, with the big battle against Unicron and the sort of neat epilogue issues where Furman took the lemons given him (Action Masters and a swift, merciless cancellation) and made himself some sweet, sweet lemonade.

This past afternoon, the kid comes back and tells me I left something in the book and he thought I might want it back. It was this slightly mangled and smudged Post-It note, adjusted somewhat in Photoshop for better contrast ...

I had been sort-of wondering where that doodle, made during a really boring afternoon at work, had wandered off to. I know I can draw a better Breetai than that -- ask Evan Cass, he knows well -- but the rest of it I'm actually really happy with, as doodles crafted out of boredom on Post-It notes at work with no reference art available go. The kid actually thought it was pretty cool. I wonder ... hmmmmm ...

No, that's a bad idea. Very bad.


  • Ahh yes, Furman's run on Marvel's ill-fated but long lasting Transformers series. Those are really good stories. I guess it helps that by that time, Hasbro didn't put so many constraints on him to advertise new toys. I am currently reading through the reprints of Furman's Marvel UK stuff. I think that Target: 2006 is probably my favorite TF storyline of all time.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 26 October, 2005 10:17  

  • Personally I like Time Wars more, but I'm a sucker for big epic payoff storylines ... especially when they end like Time Wars does, with a knock-down drag-out fight between Powermaster Optimus Prime and Galvatron as the very fabric of time is being torn apart around them. (TFG2 ended with a very similar visual, pitting Prime against Jhiaxus inside a battlecruiser being eaten by the nebulous Swarm, which would have been a case of reuse with diminishing returns had it not been drawn by Geoff Senior, whose style is just perfect for that sort of thing.) Plus, it makes room for a really solid subplot for a clearly carrying-things-too-far Shockwave, who's always been one of my favorite characters. Seeing him utterly entangled in his own logic with only *Ravage* there to try and pull him back out is quite entertaining.

    By Blogger Jonathan, at 26 October, 2005 12:01  

  • I liked Soundwave also, but he really was overused in the Dreamwave series, if you followed G1 Volume 2. Yeah, I would say that the last 25 issues of Marvel US and most of Marvel UK beat the pants off of anything Budiansky put out in this long run on the title. Some of the ideas, like the robot master were just executed so poorly.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 26 October, 2005 12:06  

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