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According to, ADV's upcoming DVD release of uncut, bilingual Macross (featuring, as noted earlier, the Japanese voice of Lynn Mimay, Mari Iijima, reprising her role for the English dub) will be seven discs in length. That comes out to five episodes on six of the discs and six on one of them. Somehow I doubt these discs will sparkle like the AnimEigo ones, which spread the series over nine discs and had only one language track to deal with. On the other hand, compared to other anime series releases, that's not a bad value there.

Now, if you don't care about the dub and just want the old AnimEigo discs, here's the full box set at, and here's the three mini-boxes at Right Stuf. The former contains all nine AnimEigo discs in a shiny full color box that Harmony Gold whipped for them, and is $125. The latter sets are in AnimEigo's sturdy original classy white-on-black packaging and feature twelve episodes per box at $40 each. Neither one's a bad value if you don't feel like waiting.


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