Hi there.

So I get into work and I've got a few minutes to spare, so I take a look at my hits today. The regular visitors among you DID notice I installed a counter on this thing early Monday morning, didn't you? Well, anyway, I discovered that between the time I went to bed and the time I jumped on-line at work, I had, like, thirty-five visitors. Doesn't sound like much, but all day Monday I had one hundred fourteen people swing on by for a look-see, so I put two and two together and discovered that Shadow Chronicles News is back up and running, and posted a link here. Great to have your site back, Darkwater! Truly, it was missed.

If you're coming here from there, really, you should have followed the link in the second paragraph he wrote leading straight to the Prelude #1 write-up. After all, you don't care about my morning, you don't care about some other old mecha show, and you don't care that I got a Sentinels trade paperback in the mail. You care about this. Clicky away, read it, tell me what you think.

And if you're wondering about Prelude #2, which was released to the world last Wednesday, I haven't seen a copy yet. Mine is currently in the back of some UPS truck somewhere out there. But rest assured, once it comes in you'll hear something from me on it, and then something like a week or so later it will get the full treatment.

That's all for now, but the day is young. I'll probably be back later today with some random junk. Just you wait and see.


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