Um, yeah ...

Mari Iijima is playing Lynn Minmay again, in ADV's English dub of Macross.


That's all I got.


  • Well, Minmei is Chinese, perhaps a a Japanese voice actor can do a Chinese accent better than, lets say, Reba West.

    I wonder, though... will they be getting Tony Oliver, Dan Worren, and all them? This is going to be wierd.

    By Anonymous Darkwater, at 22 October, 2005 19:20  

  • Hey, I wasn't even planning on buying the ADV Macross DVDs until I heard this. I think this is pretty cool.
    And, yes, I do prefer Mari Iijima to Reba West anyday of the week.

    By Anonymous Lt. Tylor, at 22 October, 2005 23:11  

  • No arguments here, Tylor.

    I expect the bulk of the cast will be in-house ADV voice actors; it wouldn't surprise me if they pulled another bit of "stunt casting" and pulled a Robotech voice actor in to reprise his or her role -- Dan Woren as Roy Focker somehow strikes me as a possibility, though that could just be wishful thinking talking -- but I doubt it'll be more than one or two of them if any. ADV's generally really big on the whole keeping-stuff-in-house thing.

    By Blogger Jonathan, at 23 October, 2005 01:35  

  • Mari Ijima seems competent enough to do Minmay's English voice... she could speak English rather fluently when I saw her at A-Kon.

    It's just a matter of seeing her speak fluently in English with emotion, that worries me.

    As for any other Macross voice... I gotta say, none of the other Robotech voices I nessicarily would really Need to hear other then then Snegoff's Khyron, which I love... (A well known fact, I believe...) and Dan Woren's Fokker... I'd love to hear Dan Woren doing Focker. I can't imagine Roy with anyone else's voice.... he did a near perfect darn job in Robotech.

    By Anonymous Tolarin, at 23 October, 2005 05:07  

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