Hmm ... 1st review of Prelude #4 I've seen ...

From Dave Van Domelen's weekly comics capsule reviews ...

Robotech Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles #4 (of 5): DC/Wildstorm - When
your Invid drones are getting sweat-drops because of the plot, it may be time
to rethink the storyline. Mildly recommended. $3.50/$4.75Cn

Okay, my interest is piqued ... oh, and as for my much-delayed notes on #3? All I'm gonna say is my Christmas break just started. Hmm, I wonder how I'm going to spend Thursday morning ...


  • J-

    Thought I'd comment a bit about the issue. I won't do the full, blown out summary now (no time), but I will point a few things out.

    For all of you that don't have the issues, *spoilers* to

    1. We finally see why Edwards hates Rick...and yes, it's all about Alaska base. No surprise there. However, in the flashback, Edwards is holding a dying woman that clearly is his wife or gal. So there's a reason to hate Rick even more, I guess.

    2. Mysterious orbs floating around Optera, not doing anything. Ties into the Shadow Technology, probably the new/old threat, I'm guessing.

    3. The battle for Optera continues, some dogfights, Rick makes it into the Hive. Edwards unleashes his Genesis Pit creatures, talks a bit. Janice, taking the form of Minnie, surprises Edwards and they eventually fall into the Pit. She doesn't come out (yet?). He does, as a giant mutant, ready to kill Rick and Co.

    4. While searching for Minnie, they find a pod containing a woman, face not shown, looking like part of an experiment. We don't know who it is or what it's about. Next issue, I'm sure.

    Finally, the part I'm very sad to write. This issue features 8 or so pages illustrated by the Waltrips. (You knew this, right?) At any rate...I hate to type this...but they just didn't look as good as I would have hoped. Maybe the guys are out of practice, maybe they struggled with the character designs, maybe there's something going on that we don't know about...but it wasn't pretty. Definitely didn't capture the Sentinels magic, and that really disappoints me. I mean, I'm looking at two framed Sent. covers hanging in my computer room. These guys can draw. But TSC stuff they produced was way, way, way! below nearly all of their other RT artwork. :(

    Okay, too much typing. Maybe more later.

    Off to X-Mas shop!


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22 December, 2005 08:08  

  • Yeah, the Waltrips' artwork sucked ass in the issue. The artwork had crappy detail, characters and mecha were drawn w/ very thick lines, and the Edward's mutant form looks like some picture a kid can draw. The story line was really rushed in this issue making the battle seem like it lasted for 2 mins. I really liked issues 1-3, but issue 4 just sucks donkey balls.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22 December, 2005 15:21  

  • I wouldn't go so far to say it was that bad. Yes, there is a somewhat noticable difference but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

    The detail was there, but it wasn't as streamlined as Dogan's work is, and that they also seemed to use people placement in their scenes differently.

    I must admit I did like that first page that was back at Alaska Base.

    By Anonymous Wheeljack, at 22 December, 2005 20:04  

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