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I was just looking through my visitors to the blog this evening and noticed that one person wound up here by looking for "Robotech The Movie Toys." That got me thinking ... I know I saw pics of a new transforming Megazone 23 Garland (a.k.a. Mark Landry's MODAT-5) toy some months back. Whatever happened to that?

Well, here at Zinc Panic is an article saying that Max Factory was supposed to put out a Max Gokin (die-cast metal) Garland the past summer, but that didn't materialize. Yamato also has a Garland in the works, which an article on Toybox DX concerning this year's Summer Wonderfest out in Japan here says should be out no earlier than this coming summer '06. The same article says the Max Gokin has no release date.

Feast your eyes on a prototype of the Yamato one, in an image nicked from Toy News International's coverage of the event.

I've read that the Max Gokin is the same size, and both should be about the size of a bulky 3 3/4" G.I. Joe motorcycle -- I know somewhere I've seen a shot of the cycle mode being ridden by a Takara Microman figure, which is approximately the size of an 80's G.I. Joe. Mind you, I can't find this picture, but trust me ... that's about the scale we're looking at.

Okay, so I'm off to grab some grub, then I'll get back and get to work on the in-depth stuff on Prelude #3, seeing how #4 comes out, err, tomorrow ...



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