... unless you already have, in which case you're probably asking again, "Okay, WHEN is this coming out?" And then I shrug at you, because y'know, we still don't have a release date.

But ah! Behold the filmstrip at the start, cut off at the final frame of the TV series ... hear just a hint of the sound of the ROBOTECH theme coming through, enough to remind you what you're looking at ... meanwhile, Rick Hunter radios for assistance aboard the SDF-3 ... Scott Bernard finally lets go of his hate as he holds his Invid girlfriend in his arms ... and the Invid Regess makes the same sort of vague, boastful proclamations we heard time and time again throughout the New Generation episodes. Ah, bliss! And ooh, such shiny CG mecha work ... so very shiny! Yay for CG Alpha Fighters!

So, um, release date? Guys? Somebody? ANYbody?

All in good time, I guess.


  • Trailer looks fantastic!
    I second your call for release date info.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25 January, 2006 15:55  

  • Oh man that lookd freaking sweet. I can't wait for it!

    By Blogger Cody Loden, at 25 January, 2006 16:08  

  • Now, that makes my day! *laughs*

    Sure, no release date...

    But such a pretty trailer... the moment I saw that film strip, I was like, "Oh gosh... and somewhere... Jon's day has gotten a bit brighter." *laughs*

    The rifts of Robotech music pleased me immensenly.

    I must say, this thing is looking much brighter.

    Yes indeed.

    By Anonymous Tolarin, at 25 January, 2006 22:13  

  • Ah, Tol, you know me so well. ^_^

    By Blogger Jonathan, at 26 January, 2006 11:33  

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