It's only taken me the better part of a year, but ... Emissaries Vol. 2 #2 is DONE!

Today it'll be taken in to the printer.

Tuesday it'll be mailed off to the subscribers.

By the end of the week, some of those subscribers will finally have it in their hands.

And for the rest of you, well, visit the recently updated and drop four bucks in the PayPal tip bucket along with your address and I'll send you a copy when it's ready.

*whew* I'm beat, but I'm not going to get more than an hour's sleep if I go to bed ... or worse, I will and I'll be late for work. Ah well, the monkey's off my back until April, so when I get home tomorrow, all I need to do is eat dinner and sleep ...

Oh, and if you haven't noticed ... yep, Emissaries shameless plugging week has finally begun. Article excerpts will begin later today!


  • questions

    -is there going to be an "ordering page"

    -can we pay with the paypal?

    By Blogger Darkwater, at 30 January, 2006 13:50  

  • Actually, the setup is pretty simple -- for a subscription you click on the "subscribe" button and it'll take you straight to the subscription checkout. If you just want the one issue, click the "donation" button and put four bucks in the box and a quick note. It's all through PayPal; I've considered other setups, but this is the simplest for me.

    By Blogger Jonathan, at 30 January, 2006 18:00  

  • Oh sweet. Im excited to read it. Ive been on a real Robotech high lately, what with the Shadow Chronicles comics, and the 17 Robotech novels I got off ebay for 10$. Ill make sure to give feedback after I read it!

    By Blogger Cody Loden, at 30 January, 2006 18:01  

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