On Hitching One's Wagon ...

Harmony Gold finally released their big long list of conventions they're hitting this year yesterday, and all I have to say about that is, well, I know which one I'll be going to: it's another July 4th weekend in Anaheim for Jonathan, as I head out to Anime Expo again. And this year Evan says he'll actually make it, despite the fact that there's no Robocon 20 this year. Doesn't matter; I know we're going to have a blast.

Let me tell you the reasons why I picked AX again.

A) It's in Harmony Gold's neck of the woods during the peak of anime convention season. While the subsequent San Diego Comic-Con sometimes gets trump card news, there's still usually some rather golden nuggets revealed at AX. Remember, AX04 is where the project formerly known as Shadow Force was first revealed; last year we got the first (and still my favorite, the presence of the filmstrip in the new one notwithstanding ^_^) fully animated Shadow Chronicles trailer. What wonders lie in store for us this year, I wonder?

B) It's Southern California. I honestly try every year to make it out to Southern California at least once just because it gets me away from the stifling humidity of Southeast Kansas. Indeed, one of my absolute favorite memories of visiting Anaheim is when my sister and I were at AX01, and we were in our hotel room watching the news and the weatherman comes on and goes, "Well, it's another muggy day out there," and we're all like, "What the hell! You call that muggy?! You people don't even know the meaning of the word!!"

C) I remember at the end of the Robocon 20 festivities there was a feeling among my fellow fans -- at least the ones I met and talked to -- of, "Hey, let's get together and do this again next year." Honestly, I can't remember names worth a damn, but faces I never forget. If there's a chance of seeing some familiar faces in the crowd, hey, that's all the more reason for me to go here rather than elsewhere. (Mind you, a few of my favorite people in the world live down south in Texas, and I'd love to see them again -- you know who you are -- but, well, see #2.)

So, I guess I've got five months or so of saving money ahead of me. Mind you, there's a couple of tempting items on eBay right now ... but no, I must resist! I must be strong! Errrgh ...

Anyone else getting their convention-going plans for the year in place?


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