Good grief, people ...

Sometime yesterday, Harmony Gold finally switched a couple of silhouettes in the Shadow Chronicles mecha size comparison chart, as you can see here (registration required). These two reveals include the Shimakaze-class vessel, the one Edwards made off with at the outset of Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles, and the redesigned SDF-3 Pioneer, which looks all Mospeada-y and stuff. Seeing it there, I suddenly really, really wanted to see the good ol' Sentinels SDF-3 alongside it, for curiosity's sake.

Ah, but as Beholder 01 noticed, there may be a very good reason we don't see it there.


On top of that silliness (okay, so in the context of Prelude it sort of makes sense, advances in technology and major aid from the Sentinels aliens and all), there was a major super-sweet Shadow Chronicles update at promised today that still hasn't materialized. Darkwater has been reloading the page all day ... it sounds like he's starting to get fed up. Poor guy, actually expecting something from HG to pop up on time ... shouldn't we all have learned our lessons by now? I mean ... seriously.


  • Yeah, there was a moment of disapointment when I got home from work this morning and saw nothing really new besides the ships...

    But, such is Robotech life.

    By Anonymous Tolarin, at 25 January, 2006 07:32  

  • Man, what a perfect line. "Such is Robotech life." I am totally going to steal that for every darned time in the future that Harmony Gold screws up.

    "Ah, such is Robotech life."

    If the new Shadow Chronicles trailer hadn't already made my day, you would have taken the prize, Tol. ^_^

    By Blogger Jonathan, at 25 January, 2006 14:29  

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