From Days of Long Ago ... UPDATED

Despite this being the wrong season for it, the other day LoneWolfMX sent Darkwater a copy of an old ROBOTECH Christmas image featuring pretty much every character from every generation of the series, Sentinels included. It used to be tacked up at Rick Lowry's Robotech X website, that lamented repository of hilarious, stupid-ass ROBOTECH humor that went under in 2001 when the jig went up on Xoom/NBCi's highly unprofitable free webspace service. Hop on over to the (Unofficial) Robotech Reporter and take a gander at the pic here. The art is credited to one David Thomson, and looking at it got me thinking, "Wait, didn't he do some other fan project of note?"

It took me but a second to remember; he was the artist on Greg Flynn's Robotech Evolution, one of my favorite old long-running post-New Gen fanfics.

From Robotech Evolution episode #303 "Last Stand"
Story by Greg Flynn / Art by David Thomson

Unfortunately, it seemed to have vanished from the internet proper. Google it and you'll find an old Tripod page where it used to be housed that points you to a site at Modus Productions, but that link goes nowhere. As late as 2004, Rick Lowry was talking on about an impending relaunch of RT:E that he and Flynn were working on, but at least at Modus those plans seemed to stall and the site went away.

From Robotech Evolution episode #303 "Last Stand"
Story by Greg Flynn / Art by David Thomson

While the last iteration of the site at Modus before the planned relaunch -- minus a certain number of illustrations and other graphics, alas -- was saved at, which is where I found it anew, the story actually has had a new home since the end of last year here with a cleanly designed, slick new site filled with tons of Thomson's excellent art. Which isn't to ignore the terrific storyline those images illustrate -- indeed, I'd suggest hopping on over right now to soak in Flynn's fifty-seven completed episodes of post-New Gen action and intrigue. Go now.

(Honestly, I haven't looked at the season 1 scripts since stumbling back across all this -- Greg always told me he wanted to rewrite them to make them suck less, and doesn't seem to have ever gotten around to it. But season 2 and on is, I assure you, quality stuff.)

Oh, and those of you mourning Robotech X might want to check out the "Extras" section of the RT:E site.

I've got one word for you:




  • Good to see Dave gettin some props for the work he's done over the years for us.

    RT:E still exists (Still called Robotech: Evolution) on the web at this site:

    Essentially nothing new has been added with the exception of a couple of new cleaned-up artwork. I know Greg definetly wants to redo it but real life is making it hard for us. But one day it'll be back better than ever.

    By Anonymous Rick L, at 14 February, 2006 17:49  

  • Holy Crap!

    Those "screencaps" made me second guess for a half a second as to whether or not that was actually fan fiction!

    By Blogger Darkwater, at 15 February, 2006 11:48  

  • Dave, if memory serves me... also did a lot of PC game artwork....

    If memory serves me correctly, weren't they planning to do a fan animation project as well?

    By Anonymous Tolarin, at 15 February, 2006 15:12  

  • Ah, the memories. I remember Robotech X. I remembered that Christmas picture when I saw it. Good stuff. These flashbacks to the past make me feel a little old.. It's strange.

    And the art on those pictures is really good. Hardly a surprise, though.

    By Anonymous Nightshade, at 16 February, 2006 16:36  

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