A moment of amusement ...

It's been a long week, folks. Maybe I'll get a chance tomorrow to relax and get Prelude notes finished once and for all. Then again, I've thought that on more than one occasion this week so who knows?

In the meantime ...

I was surfing around eBay this afternoon, as is my wont, and came across this description of Sentinels in an auction for the Laserdisc edition of the unfortunate hobbled-together film:

You are bidding on Robotech II: The Sentinels laserdisc. It's such a cheesy and so very wrong continuation of Macross that you've got to turn away in spots. This disc looks and plays like brand new, the sleeve is also in perfect condition. If nobody buys it I may be tempted to chop it into pieces and mail it to Harmony Gold. But I'd rather mail it to someone who might love it.

If for some reason you need Sentinels on LD (I know I do), here's the auction. I just was amused by the candor of the seller.

As always, more later.


  • Hey, I need Sentinels on Laserdisc! It'll complete my US LD Robotech Collection!

    That's a funny description, tho

    By Blogger Darkwater, at 23 February, 2006 13:02  

  • Now that is a man with a sense of humor! *laughs* I don't do the laserdisc thing... but uh, cool none the less!

    By Anonymous Tolarin, at 26 February, 2006 06:06  

  • I already have The Sentinels on LD. But thanks for mentioning the LD. Sometimes I forget that Robotech (minus The New Generation) was released on LD.

    ----Admiral DMC McKeever
    (.....I haven't heard that name for...Years")

    .....and I don't have a blog :(

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 29 April, 2006 11:16  

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