Post #100 - Verbal notes on Prelude #4 & 5

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This one gets kind of aimless and rambling at the end, but I think I'm getting better with each audioblog I do. Helps when you've got a script in front of you and know where you're going so that even if you wind up on some tangent, you can find your way back. There's some speculation in the middle I haven't seen before anywhere, but then again I haven't really gone looking for Prelude speculation, so maybe it's all old hat by now. I dunno. See for yourself, or wait patiently for me to put up my typed and illustrated notes for the whole thing and see then. By my estimation, you only have to wait for the weekend for that. Of course, I've been wrong about things like that before ...


  • Thanks Jonathon for another installment of interesting points in regards to Prelude.
    One question though... I was eagerly waiting for you to comment on the seen when Hunter and Grant are escaping and Grant calls Hunter over to take a look at some strange objects on the surface that where previously hidden in the cloudy atmosphere. But you didn't. Are those downed troop carriers from the Masters attack forces decades or maybe centuries earlier (I doubt this, 'cause the Zentraedi where their army and not clones in Bioroid armour and troop carriers), or something a bit more sinister? Something to follow in the movie maybe?

    By Blogger Beholder01, at 17 February, 2006 03:15  

  • So many unclear loose ends, so little time. If you want to play connect-the-dots (and bear in mind I don't have the book in front of me, so the art might utterly derail this theory), notice that Exedore remarks that he's seen the effects of the Neutron-S missiles before, and then on top of that consider the way the mysterious voice Veidt is talking to remarks how the humans are walking the path of the Masters.

    Perhaps those wrecks on the surface of Optera are supposed to be the remains of the Masters' Neutron-S missiles that they bombarded Optera with in order to defoliate the planet and eradicate the Invid. It would explain Rick and Vince's immediate follow-up remarks on the world having been dead to begin with. Sure, you'd think that those weapons wouldn't leave such centralized chunks behind, but then again we've never seen them detonate ... who knows exactly how they work?

    More thoughts on that when I actually have the book in-hand again and can look at the art ...

    By Blogger Jonathan, at 17 February, 2006 09:22  

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