Your Rubicon Moment of the Day, Episode 3

Looking for my interview with Tommy Yune? It's here. Looking for Part 2 of it? Sorry, but as of this writing I feel like I've been beaten all day with a cricket bat, so haven't the energy to edit the next stretch of the interview. It'll be up sometime either Friday evening or in the wee A.M. hours of Saturday, barring any major schedule disruptions.

In the meantime, enjoy some more dumb panels from Antarctic Press's The Sentinels: Rubicon #1, by Alan Nepomuceno and Vithoon Kamchareon. In today's scene, a mix of Masters, New Gen, and strange new characters -- check out the Star Wars refugee on the far left-hand side -- play poker. The cocky-looking guy with the long hair and headband (apparently a very popular style in the FUTURE!) is one J.C. Schlekta. He deserves to be punched. He's one of those guys who acts like he's all cool, giving everyone nicknames and acting so smart and so slick and treating the established cast like he's so much better than they are -- like some sort of jackass author avatar. Look at him and just tell me he doesn't deserve a sock right in the jaw.

To go on would be to defeat the purpose of posting convenient filler tonight, so I'm just going to add that I hope everybody's enjoyed the interview, and I want to thanks for the link -- it's not every day you pop over to in the afternoon and see your own face staring back at you. I've had a lot of these odd, surreal little moments in my life so far, but this, I think, takes the cake.


  • I can't wait for roboblog 2... roboblog vs. predatorblog.

    By Blogger Rumour, at 30 April, 2006 19:48  

  • I hope you have more Rubicon moments for us. This comic was bad. The art was ok, but the story......if there was one. Eternity and Academy didn't have the best art on a lot of the books, but the stories were usually pretty good. I enjoyed them. Honestly, I couldn't figure out Rubicon.

    All I can say about your Rubicon moments is this: BRING IT! :)

    ---DMC McKeever

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 02 May, 2006 00:40  

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