Hey, wha? New Shadow Chronicles footage?! OOOH!

A fellow fan who wished to remain anonymous just pointed me towards the Kickstart Productions website, where they've posted a demo reel of productions they've been involved in that includes some never before seen footage from Robotech: The Shadow Chronciles -- at least, nothing that's appeared with this level of quality out on the 'net. Check it out here. Screen grabs of highlights appear in the ROBOTECH opening-style filmstrip on the left-hand side of your screen -- as always, click to enlarge.

I must say, there are some very interesting moments in there. Neat to see the Regess waving her arms and looking utterly pretentous, and the sequence where Marcus grabs a fellow pilot and throws him around is intriguing. Also love the way the bit with Louie and Maia wandering through the dark looks -- the way the sequence is lit gives off a feeling of being both modern and vintage. It's something about the colors and the way the background and foreground elements are highlighted. Seems fitting for Shadow Chronicles, doesn't it?

Kind of a shame, though, that the clip of representative animation from the Voltron remake looks significantly inferior to the Voltron combination sequence from the original TV series, which was animated in 1981. Something really wrong there.


  • Marcus being Angry like that kind of reminds me of Shinn Asuka from Gundam Seed Destiny!!!

    I can imagine why he is angry!!

    Somebody Iced his sister!!

    By Anonymous LonewolfMX, at 17 May, 2006 20:34  

  • Somebody decided to throw the fans a bone . . .

    The Regess looks like she's casting a spell.

    The animation for the Invid Shelldor carriers doesn't look too hot.

    Wake me when the DVD is released.

    By Anonymous redrain85, at 17 May, 2006 21:10  

  • It's funny how the person wanted to remain anonymous, but when you go to the root of his homepage that the pic is posted on: it says "All content copyright 2005 by Jonathan Switzer."

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 May, 2006 23:24  

  • Um, dude, that's me.

    By Blogger Jonathan, at 18 May, 2006 00:13  

  • OMG . . . I just realized that the Regess has also been given the breast implant treatment! The animators' obsession with fan service this time around, has gone a little over the top.

    By Anonymous redrain85, at 18 May, 2006 01:58  

  • Anyone having trouble downloading the movie becasue it's embedded in the page?

    If so heres the URL for the high res version:

    By Anonymous cyclone5uk, at 18 May, 2006 14:10  

  • From the hair style of the guy Marcus was throwing around, I'd say he done tossed Scott.

    By Anonymous Delum, at 18 May, 2006 15:12  

  • for those with slow connection.

    Would you believe it I am doing Kevin job.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20 May, 2006 19:52  

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