My conversation with Tommy, Part 2

Check it out -- it's the second half of my interview with Harmony Gold Creative Director Tommy Yune, this time regarding Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles and what you will and won't see coming out of toy licensee Toynami and the trade paperback collections office of DC/WildStorm Comics in the near future, as well as some spitballing about the world of comics and manga in general over the next few years. Bear in mind, unless you've been around the block enough times to get the gag in the lazily rehashed graphic above, you may not totally get the issues brought up in the following conversation. You have been warned.


MP3 File


  • Awesome!!, Thanks again Jonathan, great job, It will be great if you were to make a follow up interview, I have more hopes for the Beta now too, it seems that it is going to be realeased we just don't know the price yet, but I would glady pay $200 to $300 for it.

    By Anonymous sdf1macross, at 30 April, 2006 21:49  

  • when are the shadow chronicles going to be released on dvd?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 01 May, 2006 14:03  

  • Once again a great job. I'll have to start gathering a list of questions for you to ask. =)


    By Anonymous odyn, at 01 May, 2006 19:02  

  • I have a third option for George and his overpriced Beta:

    Let Yamato make it, they could do justice to the Next Gen line. Their 1/48 Valks put the MPCS to shame (detail and quality wise) and even after importing the prices are still decent.

    By Anonymous Sharrdd, at 04 June, 2006 05:32  

  • JLS, this was great! This is the first time we really got to hear what we all wanted to know from the source! Great job! Tommy needs to talk to the public more often!

    Thanks for the great interview!
    - The Masters of Robotech Companion

    By Anonymous The Masters, at 15 June, 2006 18:01  

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