My sentiments exactly.

I'll be writing on this subject myself for the coming issue of Emissaries (out later this month!), but in the meantime ... y'know how all these ROBOTECH fans are sick and tired of waiting for The Shadow Chronicles? Well, former Emissaries editor/publisher Evan "The Cassman" Cass is sick and tired of people being sick and tired.

Okay, so that's a trifle stronger sentiment than he's expressing at his blog ... still, the point remains, it would probably be best for all if we just took a step back and relaxed.


  • Amen!

    BTB, I'll try to get something for Emissaries to you by weekend end, if not, I'll most likely pull a hiatus thing. I've just been clinched with time issues...

    and a weekend of binge drinking and C&C with my little brother.


    But either way, I'll try to get something to you, or at least tell you that I can't. You know, not leave it up in the air?

    By Anonymous Tolarin, at 05 May, 2006 02:54  

  • The way most fans see shadow chronicles is nothing more than a rehashed idea of end of circle. In chapter 19 to chapter 21 of EOTC. You have louie and gang going inside the matrix, wearing some sort of black outfit, perfoming some sort of a swat operation, trying to cause damage in the matrix using some sort of cyber tech you might call it shadow cyber tech trying to hack in to a system with out being detected.

    In shadow chronicles using shadow fighter to launch an attack on reflex point without being detected, they both possess the same dark feel to it.
    Just taking a robotech concept and trying to do it in different way.
    nothing original about it, As it has been said before for people who have read the novels, Shadow Chronicles feels, thus far, like a very mutated retread of End of the Circle.

    Just compare the movie Terminator 2
    to Terminator 3. Terminator 3 just
    a copy of terminator 2 just done
    in a different way, but nothing different. There is lack of originality, the same goes for shadow chronicles.

    As fans say it is better, Hg they just let tatsunoko handle the robotech with their own ideas, because at Hg it seems they is a lack of originality.

    Anyway it was great interview you did with tommy.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 05 May, 2006 12:22  

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