How many different ways can you select an "odd man out" of the four mecha toys in this picture?

And can you guess which way drives me the most NUTS?


  • would it be the off-white--er, yellow--hovertank?

    What do I win?


    By Blogger Sean, at 12 September, 2006 12:12  

  • Maybe the Hovertank because it doesn't have a gun?

    Or the MPC because its the only one to break every time you transform it?

    By Blogger Darkwater, at 12 September, 2006 12:16  

  • Actually, no, the stupid Garland also breaks. Thank you crappy Yamato shoulder joints. I mean, thanks for sending us new ones and everything, but now we're afraid to touch them for fear of them breaking again.

    The hovertank does have a gun, by the way, it's just stupid and not like the one in the show.

    By Blogger Ginrai, at 12 September, 2006 13:14  

  • The Garland, because it's not really Robotech mecha.

    Or because the Garland the only mecha shown that only has two modes (even if the matchbox/Playmates Hovertank doesn't really do transport with mods)

    Or the Hovertank for not being produced in the last 5 years.

    By Anonymous Cyc, at 12 September, 2006 22:38  

  • I see a Veritech, an Alpha Fighter, a Beta Fighter, and, as for the last one, I can't identify it.

    By Blogger Adm. Lisa-Hayes Hunter, at 13 September, 2006 11:29  

  • Okay, okay, MODAT 5, not Garland. Are you happy?

    By Blogger Ginrai, at 13 September, 2006 16:57  

  • Is that a Beta or a Hovertank?

    By Blogger Mayhem Sennet, at 14 September, 2006 17:23  

  • Beta? Ow....

    And even calling it Modat still ignores the fact IMO it's not Robotech...

    And didn't want to mention it, but perhaps the size to cost is the nut driving point?

    By Anonymous Cyc, at 15 September, 2006 18:19  

  • The toy with "Robotech To The Rescue!" written all over it.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 15 September, 2006 18:55  

  • Scale? Alpha is probably the biggest but here it is the smallest.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 19 September, 2006 12:47  

  • Dude, its been a week. You are required to answer.

    By Blogger Darkwater, at 19 September, 2006 19:56  

  • Okay, alrighty, there's a handful of different ways you can divy it up.

    Garland could be odd man out, since it's not in the Robotech TV show, duh.

    Skull One could be odd man out because it's the only one that wasn't officially released in the U.S. (Jetfire doesn't count.)

    Skull One could ALSO be the odd man out because it doesn't support a pilot figure. (The Alpha has a teensy-tiny pilot, the Garland comes with its own pilot figure, and the Hovertank can support a ROBOTECH action figure.)

    But the most irritating one to me? Hovertank as odd man out because it's the only one that doesn't transform into all the modes it switches into on TV. Anon gets it sort of right -- yeah, it's the one with "Robotech to the rescue!" written all over it. You could also call it the odd man out because of its craptastic posability, inauthentic gun pod, and off-scale design and construction. We get a flood of nice Valkyries, a handful of decent Alphas, and ultimately a slick & decent Garland, but we have to live with the big plasticy Hovertank? Ugh!

    Oh, and to the last anonymous poster, if these were all to scale, the Valkyrie would still be much larger than the Alpha.

    By Blogger Jonathan, at 19 September, 2006 23:33  

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