But of COURSE they're doing a new Macross show ...

Copied and pasted from Anime News Service, since they don't attach permalinks to their posts ...

2-5-07 (10:13AM EST)---- Victor Casting For New Macross?
Following up our report (see the January 22nd item) that Victor Entertainment was holding an open audtion to the public to cast a title heroine and themesong performer for a "masterpiece animation", the title of that work may have now come to light. The devil is in the details, and those participating in the audition seem to have spotted the Macross title in a number of areas, ranging from the addresses appearing on postcards to fliers and other items. Monthly Debut magazine also covers the event in its latest issue and information contained in their writeup also seem to lead in the Macross direction.

It will be the 25th anniversary this October, so that only makes sense, no? Here's hoping it doesn't stink up the place.

Thanks to good ol' Tolarin for the tip.


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