So I guess it's NEXT winter, eh?

Via Darkwater, has opened preorders for Scott Bernard's Masterpiece Cyclone. And when is this bad boy due?


Wow, that's a ways off.

It'll set you back a penny short of $80. Plus shipping, of course.

While Darkwater made mention that the other toys being hyped in New York aren't preorderable yet, methinks that November date gives us a good clue why. Toynami's not one to flood the market with Masterpiece product, and the Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles repaints of the Alpha Fighters will probably follow Scott's Cyclone.

Unless the lack of new tooling means they'll precede the Cyclone and they're just going to spring those on us. I can never tell with Toynami. They're not particularly good with the whole "letting us know what's up" thing.


  • Who has the spare cash to purchase these toys? Sure, they are really cool . . . but $80???? Wow.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 06 March, 2007 17:02  

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