The Roboblog Chronicles: Episode 3.5

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  • Re: Fan Hang-Ups: Was the ending of New Gen that big of a deal to people? I never really took issue with the fact that we didn't get to see what happened after Scott flew into space -- it just never bothered me as a viewer. As an older fan, I can see the need to tie-up loose ends, but at the time I watched the series...not so much.

    Of course, were I in charge, we'd see an influx of Garlands and Harguns, and the entire series would follow the time-displaced adventures of Mark Landry and a reincarnated EVE. ^_^

    I would hope that, if Angelo Dante was brought in for the next film, he'd have a much more robust role than Jean Grant's bit part. It just doesn't seem "right" for Louie Nichols to have a bigger role in the sequel than Angie....

    Hopefully Lancer will show up in the TSC sequel... at least so that we can erase his death from EoTC....

    By Blogger JHC, at 19 April, 2007 08:45  

  • For a viewer back in the day. I have to agree with Tommy...that was my big question...what happened next?

    So yes..I was happy with TSC. It wasnt perfect but I still loved it.

    Cpt. I have just one problem though with bringing more people to the next movie. It causes the others to lose time on screen or to become meaningful.

    If we had a new series...then by all means bring more. But we don't.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 19 April, 2007 19:16  

  • I have come to the conclusion that Dana Sterling, along with her parents, MUST appear in future installments . . . if for nothing else to help to define Maia Sterling. Maia Sterling, without a connection to her Human/Zentradi family, is just a "Dana Sterling" redux. And how are new Robotech viewers going to know what a Zentradi even is if we don't see one in the shadow chronicles???


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 19 April, 2007 21:19  

  • I have a suggestion for a topic for next time. How about speculation on what the new "licensing and distribution partnerships" mean?

    ---Admiral DMC McKeever

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20 April, 2007 23:58  

  • JLS,
    I was curious as to where you put sera in the current storyline. With Ariel established as a shadow chronicles cast member I guess there’s no need for two “last remaining Invid” characters. Also what continuity would you go by for her present whereabouts, do we follow the series and assume she’s with Lancer on earth, go with EotC and assume she died feeble and bedridden, or follow the shadow chronicles and assume she left earth with the regess leaving Ariel as the “last Invid on earth”

    - Rosic

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 April, 2007 08:29  

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